Diane Sawyer’s Exclusive Interview With Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state discusses the tough choices she’s made and where she is headed next.

25 thoughts on “Diane Sawyer’s Exclusive Interview With Hillary Clinton

  1. Josh Bo

    That was just embarrassing to watch. She says she takes responsibility
    yet… when she and Obama knew the facts, they were still telling us
    (including the families of the dead) that it was a “spontaneous protest
    brought on by an anti Islamic video”… when called out on this blatant
    lie, she spouts the now infamous words.. “What difference does it
    make?!?!?!” Well Hillary, it makes a hell of difference to the families of
    the dead. She is so out of touch it makes me sick.

  2. La Sage

    Killary Rotten Clinton is the 1%. How hard were those choices to kill
    people to get where you are?

  3. Lincolnbeard

    Ignore extreme conservatives, Hillary may be a good president, she should
    be elected in 2008!

  4. Carl Rudd

    Billary Clinton shouldn’t even have bothered trying to look presentable
    when appearing with the jaw-dropping beauty of Diane Sawyer. Cankles don’t
    make it. Pant-suit crone needs to retire.

  5. Susanne Wuthrich

    She is a remarkable woman who pretty much knows it all. But being in
    politics with a heart of Gold only helps the adviser who gets the
    information direct from the abuser. So if the adviser does not speak the
    other language, he can only represent what he was told. 

  6. Jean Osborne

    I can’t believe all the clueless sheep responding on this video….She is
    the epiphany of a sociopathic douche bag and your commenting on how
    beautiful you think her hair looks??? Please pull your head out of your
    collective sheeple asses thank you….

  7. Firstname Lastname

    15 yrs. ago… I might have liked Hilly as a president, would have even
    voted for her.
    Now… NOPE… she is just like every crooked Politician. The chaos and
    mayhem and oddball deaths that surround her and the Clinton name cannot all
    be coincidences.

    Hilly: go home now. Youve done enough damage. Go be a grandma and when
    you look in the face of that Beautiful Grandchild: think of all the
    grandchildren and families YOUR family have desimated. Then, I think
    you’ll understand “dead broke” and how little it takes to hurt the

  8. Christopher Cisneros

    Ask her about her knowledge of Walpurgisnacht. And if the timing of
    Benghazi had anything to do with it. 

  9. michael federico

    Just retire from politics old bag of wind she’s no feminazi or she would
    have divorced slick bill the pathological lier cheater lol

  10. Elizabeth Mar

    Seems any negative up or down votes on this subject has been disabled- very
    Democratic of you You Tube/ Google!


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