DeGette questions Secretary Sebelius on

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama says he’s giving Americans who’ve received cancellation notices from their insurers a one-year reprieve before …
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9 thoughts on “DeGette questions Secretary Sebelius on

  1. Christopher Peterson

    I cannot wait to get this incompetent out of office in 2016, but it will
    really begin in 2014. I do not know who is worse this Marxist or Carter. “I
    do not think that I am stupid..” – Obama. Yea try again ignoramus.
    Republicans for President in 2016. Take the Republic back! Impeach Obama!
    Get this naked-Marxist out of the White House. Send him back to Moscow!
    This country is a Constitutional Republic, Capitalist nation with a limited
    government. If you do not like that then by all means PLEASE just leave.
    Get out of America you leftist hordes! We must take America back in the
    RIGHT direction, not to the left.

  2. Steven Kronk

    During the Election:”If you like your plan, you can keep it.”
    >>>Wins election due to promises and idealistic morons and idiots.
    Reality Post Election: No you can’t.
    Faulting on his promises is the reason Bush Sr. wasn’t re-elected.
    Apparently we just don’t learn from our mistakes anymore. Fine with me, I’m
    moving abroad once i graduate, you all have fun living with his aftermath.


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