Crossfire: Cornel West and Bill Kristol on Obamacare (part 1/3)

Crossfire (9/23/13) – Van Jones and S.E. Cupp discuss reform or repeal of Obamacare with Dr. Cornel West and The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol. Part 2: http…

25 thoughts on “Crossfire: Cornel West and Bill Kristol on Obamacare (part 1/3)

  1. Emery Kennedy

    Instead of focusing on what Obama didn’t do let’s look at what he did do
    don’t just focus on 1 or 2 issues that he didn’t come through on and frame
    it as his whole term. Obama got health care reform passed something that
    presidents from the 60’s to Bill Clinton couldn’t pass that is a huge feat
    no matter what you say. They said Obama wouldn’t have been tough and go
    after Bin Laden if he was in Pakistan but Obama did get him. He saved the
    auto industry

  2. Emery Kennedy

    Obama is the biggest terrorist,” Lupe and Cornel west says. I got some
    revealing news for you, Lupe. Did you know that Muslims as of now, continue
    to invade Africa and enslave the Africans? They raid African villages all
    the time killing the Africans villagers, enslaving them and raping the
    women. it was actually the Muslim Arabs who invaded Africa and sold the
    Africans to the Europeans were America got 12 million and the Arab
    countries got 20 million. On youtube, An African man was talking about how
    his Arab muslim master made him walk around with the head of a child.

    quit saying Obama is killing kids with drone strikes you know darn well
    muslims like to hide behind children and women as the fire on their
    opponents. That American traitor overseas declare war against us, so
    innocent people get in the way big whoop it should encourage the civilians
    to come out and expose the terrorist cowards. Did you know that Muslims as
    of now, continue to invade Africa and enslave the Africans? They raid
    African villages all the time killing the Africans villagers, enslaving
    them and raping the women, but no one says a thing. You racist people
    always calling everyone communist, Marxists, socialist. Shut up

  3. domfonce

    Everytime i watch this… It is two black men, a white woman, and an old
    white man. & it is ALWAYS whites vs blacks

  4. adi2777

    The strongest point made in this conversation was by Billy Kristol when he
    said all the miracle drugs come from private companies. I don’t think there
    should be ‘no profit in medicine/healthcare’. That is pernicious
    masochistic nonsense masquerading as a compassionate ideology. Creating a
    profit is not a problem per se. It is how one does it and what one does
    with the profit. THAT, can and must be questioned. Not the existence of
    profit per se.
    Single payer system will NOT work for the US of A due to cultural problems
    that ensure the poor health of americans as compared to many parts of the
    developed world. The Netherlands can work with single payer as can northern
    Europe because they don’t et junk and are immensely physically fit people.
    Americans are easily the most unhealthy wealthy nation in the world.
    America needs to keep making profits.

  5. mrohyoudidntknow3

    We’re going to get to a point where Cornell West is going to say “We should
    have what congress has” and the only thing we don’t have that they have is
    actually being in congress. You are talking about a man (Cornell West) that
    has a one track mind for the last 50 years. Government, Government,

  6. MrGreen9413

    If you reading this your parents are going to die in 5 years to undo the
    course type this to five more videos

  7. Jason Martin

    Who is SE Cupp’s fashion consultant, the ghost of Ayn Rand?? She looks like
    one of those idiot conservative caricatures from Tom Tomorrow comics. She’s
    wearing pearls! Pearls??? And those glasses!! She’s the least attractive
    woman on TV, mind, body, and everything, totally repulsive.

  8. Exodus Pessoa

    Mr. Kristol I’m Canadian and are Health care system is not running its
    course! Not even close. It’s been around for decades and the country isn’t
    going bankrupt! Are system is much better than yours. 


    Don’t like Van Jones on this show.All that laughing with the rethugs on the
    panel he’s weak against the right

  10. Textynn

    Bill Kristol that smug prick. He’s never had to watch while sick family
    members struggle along without health care. Im sick of this garbage.
    Accidents victims and the ER are a sliver of the problem. Try to go to the
    ER with cancer and see how quick you get saved. These horse shit arguments
    are sickening.

  11. Textynn

    Watch them scramble to interrupt when West starts talking about Single
    Payer. Obviously, the people in their ears said “stop him, stop him, stop
    him”. Corporate reality is as realistic as a blow up doll. How long do we
    have to live in this garbage illusion that serves only One Percent.??


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