CNN’s Lou Dobbs on the 2009 GRPC (Gun Rights Policy Conference)

CNN speaks with the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb, former congressmen Bob Barr, and others about our second amendment rights at the 2009 Gun Rights Policy Conference held in St Louis, Missouri.
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Senator Rand Paul said President Obama may have acted illegally when he issued several executive orders on gun control. Kentucky’s junior senator plans to challenge the president’s actions. The always provocative Rand Paul said Obama may be acting more like a monarch than a president. “I’m very much against the use and the abuse of the Executive Order,” said Paul. Rand Paul told a friendly audience in largely Republican Oldham County that President Obama may have overstepped his bounds with his executive orders on gun control. He said one order actually violates the president’s own Affordable care Act, which prohibits doctors from reporting about whether their patients own guns. “Now, he’s reversing that. We think he’s overturning his own legislation by executive fiat, and that’s against the law. We will fight him on these things,” he said. Paul says that fight will take the form of a bill he plans to introduce in the Senate — a bill that would overturn any presidential order that, in effect, creates new law — a power reserved for Congress. “What my bill would do, would say, is that if amounts to legislation or if it contravenes the Second Amendment, then it would be null and void and that would have standing to sue over that,” said Paul. In an interview earlier this week, Paul claimed the president may be acting more like a monarch or a king. He did not back off that today: “If he is attempting to legislate, that is unconstitutional. And it has been decided by the

36 thoughts on “CNN’s Lou Dobbs on the 2009 GRPC (Gun Rights Policy Conference)

  1. firearmsanonymous

    Did the voiceover actually say this group believes that “the Second Amendment is Constitutionally guaranteed. ” Preposterous, where could they get this idea!

  2. Captb55806

    I knew I would get you laughing. My cat killed another gopher this morning all what is left is just the head ! Ha Ha Ha!

  3. Captb55806

    @xxnetoxx1 Here what I do not understand. About 99% of the pet food that people give to their Dogs or Cats are made of Animal by product. So if PETA says there is no reason to kill an animal then tell me how do Dogs and Cats eat? Dogs and Cats do not eat veggtables. Is it wrong for any animal to kill their pray? Man I tell you stupid people. The next time my Cat kills a Gopher and he kills one or two every day. I will take a picture of him eating the gopher and send the picture to PETA Ha Ha!

  4. Captb55806

    @xxnetoxx1 You are damm right cass sustein is a Moron. That dude needs to get a life and fuck himself.
    My question to that duce bag is ” Should Animals sue other Animals?” is it a fact Snakes eat mice or Hawks eat rats? why is it ok for them? I got into with many of those commie animal right idiots. I piss them off when I said
    Yeah I am a member of PETA as in People Eating Taste Animals. LOL

  5. fargley001

    LOL, I was about to run out to my local walmart and pick up a BMG .50 before they were banned… Apparently I’m too late. All the news reporters must have bought them all.

  6. mark hammel

    hahaha 1:05 “ban on assault weapons to help reduce drug violence in Mexico” while some dude is handing over a FREAKIN M2 ?!

  7. Ron Sam

    Gov run health care w/o public option + gun control = early death. Ask any Jewish person about how they got their guns taken away then marched into concentration camps and exterminated. Why do you think Obama wants Sotomayor in the SC? Eric Holder will be the hangman. A Democratic Government fears the people. in a Fascist government the people fear the Government.

  8. hugajudge

    Ps – you can buy a CD of all the speakers from SAF – I am anxious for mine to arrive.
    There were balanced speakers on UN and EU, “knife control”, musket, legislation, and MUCH more – it was a TREMENDOUS event!

  9. hugajudge

    I was there and watched as CNN taped speakers and filmed hours of iterviews. Is this all CNN is going to do with all the film they shot ? ? ?

    There were numerous really good, balanced, speakers at this event, and attendees = female attorney from Italy, a union leader, quite a few women there (not with a male escort, but there on their own) , , …really, a diverse gathering.

  10. USMCNCO0321

    I had to check several times to confirm that this was in fact a CNN presentation, as it actually was a fair and balanced presentation concerning firearms – well done.

  11. poisonousMANGOs

    what’s going to happen when the government starts taking 40-50 percent of your checks to fix the budget what will you do

  12. vartart99

    So kids are getting killed, and who cares how Obama acts under pressure? You know what Rand the fuck Pole, GO FUCK YOURSELF. YOU ARE EVEN A WORSE ASSHOLE THAN YOUR RETARDED FATHER IS. Go watch my move daddy;s boy jackass and see why. Fuck your stupid pathetic redneck Texan fuckface pedigree.

  13. Sherron Pitts

    Rand Paul is posturing to sure up base for Presidential Run..If you think he cares if you own guns or not he doesn’t google this…Rand Paul’s Voting Record…scroll down mid page..

  14. Bill Nada

    Rand Paul is an idiot. Nothing from Obama’s EO’s extended beyond any current legislation; which is the limit of EO’s.

  15. Bastiats Corner

    Such a simple concept, leave the law-making power to the legislature as defined in the constitution, that it is simply amazing that anyone could consider it radical. 

  16. Eric T

    Well if you really take a look at what is being said you will notice the racial undertones. He is a black man in power and is using that position to minimize him, because he is white, by referring to him as junior senator, when the appropriate title he has earned would be Senator Paul, and also stating that his views are often “provocative” is just simply to demising him entirely. – From the thoughts of the liberal, (when applies equally).

    Paul, Cruz 2016!

  17. cduncan2388

    You know what was funny? When all us *crazy* right wingers tried to warn people that Obama was anti gun and all of the infinitely intelligent Obama bots said he would never go after our guns… Ya’ll remember that? Oh that was a riot….

  18. janman502

    The people need to start protecting the constitution like the constitution protects the people– from government

  19. virgil432

    Why is it always Junior Senator but never Junior President?? play on words to try to minimize the message Paul speaks of.


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