CNN on Obamacare

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25 thoughts on “CNN on Obamacare

  1. Hoggattbay

    Democrat Socialist Governor moral standpoint. Reaching into another persons
    pocket who earned his money. Stealing the money calling it the governments
    money usually follows. Handing this stolen money out to free loaders. Now
    if you socialists want to do these kinda shenanigans quit giving money to
    everyone else in the world. Letting the worst person ever to hold the job
    in the citizens Whitehouse spend our money like a drunken sailor on his USA
    hating no respect for our flag racist self and family for vacations. Now
    this goes on while our Armed Service personnel present and retired wounded
    and disabled have their benefits cut. Mind you a lot of these folks earned
    what they get from the people of this country because they got off their
    ass fought and defended all of us. Even you morons out there which seems
    silly to me. Heck get all of your free phone free healthcare free meal
    ticket Obamaholes rounded up and send you over to Iraq or Afghanistan to
    show the peace sign and make friends with those jokers so we don’t have to
    send the hard working and Patriotic kids over. If you fail it won’t be
    anything new you’ve been doing it all of your life. And you would have a
    sense of purpose you could die for your country and we could build a
    memorial for you. The federal government is supposed to defend our country
    from foreign aggression and secure our borders. Until they can get those
    two things right why trust them with more responsibility. Give the rest of
    the duties back to the states like it was before Big Government took over.

  2. Tom McBriarty

    I love how she says she’s “not sure” it’s actually working in Kentucky. A
    couple of her Teabagging friends aren’t thrilled that’s it’s working, she

  3. DaddyDAJ

    Steve Hunter, you should move to another country where no one cares if you
    spout off with all you’re anti-military rhetoric. You sound like like a
    drugged up hippie out of the 60’s looking for a war to protest. You
    obviously don’t appreciate the security and freedoms you have and why you
    have them. Likely a 4F that couldn’t get into the military because you
    were found to be unfit both mentally and physically. Another occupy wall
    street flunky.

  4. Jason Arias

    Obamacare WILL NOT WORK Obama is a lowlife piece of shit forcing people to
    purchase health care when the majority can’t afford it, the website works
    its just no one wants to comply with that bullshit

  5. Le Hunt

    What liars republicans are. My policy costs $124 a month. This blathering
    idiot from NC is typical of the species.

  6. DaddyDAJ

    jjgreek1, you’re your ignorance and complete stupidity is quite obvious.
    You must be one of those occupy wall street idiots who sits around
    complaining about all the wrongs the world has committed against you
    because you have nothing better to do with your time; you surely aren’t a
    productive part of this country…just another young punk sponge looking
    for hand outs. I pay for my insurance unlike you who is still on your
    parents plan…it’s your kind of free loaders that have led to the obvious
    decline in America’s greatness.

  7. jjgreek1

    Go read a book you teabagger scum anti-American hater. Give us our $2
    Trillion back you free-loading no-insurance carrying right wing idiot. It’s
    people like you that fill our emergency rooms because you refuse to get
    insurance…that’s why we created the ACA. You don’t like America? Go move
    to Iran or somehting where they honor morons.

  8. Marina Garza

    Love how the congress person spreads out the misinformation regarding
    people’s healthcare plans going up 400% and not adding the fact that there
    are options for better plans and better coverage at an affordable rate. She
    has not done any research regarding sign ups b/c she probably hasn’t signed
    up herself.. not good for the people of N. Carolina

  9. Marina Garza

    Mine too! I live in CA also. I will have better coverage, less deductible
    and I will be paying $80 less per month with a PPO.

  10. ladylordess

    Obamacare is a debacle that is costing the US jobs all the way around,
    except for IRS jobs and tech jobs trying to FIX the website they created
    that has been a failure. Obama has lied to Americans and now is a snake oil
    salesman. Time to scrap it and start over. If we stay on a bad path, it
    will only get worse. Scrap it.

  11. Drjekyle Hyde

    As long as the government is paying for me to live I don’t give a shit what
    they do. The majority of us Americans are ready for our government to step
    up and start taking care of us. They’ve made good progress…I’ve got a
    phone, a home, internet and lots of other things I get free. It’s about

  12. wellplantedfoot

    She’s discounted everything the Governor says. Just keeping up with her
    right wing teapublican talking points. No solutions whatsoever!!!

  13. Mark Ferguson

    LOL! I supported Ross Perot and none of those folks came close to winning
    presidency. The closest was George McGovern who won the Democratic
    nomination. The results of the general election were as follows: Electoral
    Votes/States Won/Popular Vote Richard Nixon: 520 / 49 / 47,168,710 George
    McGovern: 17 / 1 / 29,173,222 As I said before you have to be willing to do
    the bidding of the military industrial complex in order to win or even come

  14. Mark Ferguson

    You wrote “Somebody like Ron Paul who is uncompromising” Yeah that would be
    great if this were a dictatorship. However, we live in a constitutional
    republic with three equal branches of government. Compromise is the ONLY
    way to get anything accomplished. Jon Huntsman is VERY conservative! He had
    an EXCELLENT record as governor of Utah and superb foreign policy
    credentials. I voted for Obama twice, but I believe had Republicans been
    smart enough to nominate Huntsman he would be president.

  15. Lap Gong Leong

    Compare that to Ron Paul, who has consistently fought against warfare
    spending, troops stationed abroad, voted against sanctions against Iran and
    vows to bring our troops home from the war zones as well as germany and


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