CNN: ObamaCare Is Causing Americans To Lose Access To Their Doctors, Face Higher Costs

CNN: ObamaCare Is Causing Americans To Lose Access To Their Doctors, Face Higher Costs (December 19, 2013)
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Did President Obama lie when he said (regarding the Affordable Care Act) you would be able to keep your current health insurance plan and doctor if you liked…
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25 thoughts on “CNN: ObamaCare Is Causing Americans To Lose Access To Their Doctors, Face Higher Costs

  1. Joel Cole

    Hey Sink! Was “If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance
    plan. Pedriod.” the truth or a lie? Were the claims that Obozocare wouldn’t
    cost anyone, not the citizens, not the government, a single dime, the truth
    or a lie? And how about the claim that Obozocare would save the average
    consumer $2500. The truth or a lie?

    I’ll give you a little hint. They were all lies, lies that caused Fox News
    to engage in fearmongering. And lies, that fortunately, are driving Obozo’s
    poll numbers and dimbulb polls number to the botoom of the charts.

    How does it feel to be such a silly POS fool you @sshole?

  2. Doggorunning

    hey jackasses who’s going to pay for these tax credits? MEDICARE SUCKS!
    anything the government touches SUCKS! 

  3. Death To Liberalism

    Bunch of liberal fascists. The facts are plain to see. It was a bald-face
    lie, one that should be impeachable.

  4. Cj Collum

    “It’s supposed to give you more coverage; it does.”

    Really? Is that why the policy covering my daughter under the ACA will
    cover exactly 65% of what she gets now? Is that why my deductible for her
    is tripling? Is that why having a deductible 300% higher and getting 35%
    less coverage is going to cost me $300 more a month than what I currently

    To be fair, for most Americans, the ACA actually *is* a good deal. Most
    people have shitty insurance (when they have insurance at all). My
    situation is different, and my daughter’s medical bills (due to having a
    neuromuscular defect that prevents her from walking, talking, and feeding
    herself) have nearly bankrupted me already. I can’t afford to pay $300 MORE
    per month for insurance that covers LESS than she is covered by now. I can
    offset with subsidies, but only by about $225, which means I’ll still be
    paying more and getting less even with that.

    Furthermore, some Americans don’t *WANT* insurance. Forcing people to pay
    for something that don’t want is fucking ridiculous.

    The ACA is just one more straw on the pile, and the camel’s back is
    straining. Too much more of this shit and people are going to lose their
    composure and ability to reason… and the last time that happened, over a
    million people lost their lives to civil war.

  5. Mario Pookster

    As the President has said on numerous occasions to the American public: If
    you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it, period. Now he’s
    back pedaling, & his ardent supporters are making excuses for his numerous
    misstatement on this subject. Didn’t he also draw a line in the sand
    regarding the use of chemical weapons by Syria?

    The President has a credibility problem. No wonder many of our allies like
    Israel & Saudi Arabia, for example, are questioning President Obama’s word
    when it comes to supporting them. Mr. President, all we have is our word &

  6. NoName NoFame

    the TURDZ strikes again for the corrupt government in bed with corporations
    to fuck over american people!!! 

  7. Angel Rolon

    For the people (Fox News followers) who believe the Affordable Care Act is
    a train wreck,

    Here is an example…

    Fox News Fearmongering Over Obamacare

  8. Victor Cousins

    I think this fox news Reporter is full of it. One policy does not make a
    whole Country full of them. Bad example!!!

  9. GekoHayate

    Cenk is right, you do get more coverage. With the ACA I will have
    maternity care covered! I’m mean, I don’t exactly have a vagina but
    still… I have it and that means more coverage!

    More is always better! Even the deductibles are increased!

  10. Jim Smith

    What’s your issue with this? Did he not say over an over that we would not
    lose our coverage , and that we would all be better off for the same or
    less money. What is it with you people? Is the truth not the truth no
    matter who says it, or what your agenda is?

  11. kierston ally

    I agree with Obamacare I think it will help reduce personal medical
    costs/bills in the long run since a lot of people are in debt for medical
    bills since they didn’t have insurance now not being able to keep your plan
    you like sucks but it can’t be ,100 percent blamed on Obama your insurance
    is involved with that change as well I will agree though Obama had good
    intentions that he did the wrong way I think this could have been handled
    differently but still think it’s beneficial in the long run

  12. Justanks Jazwinskull

    LOOK INTO THE TPP!!!!! If Obama is silently trying to get the TPP through,
    do you really think he is creating a Healthcare reform that is in the end
    really going to be good for us?

  13. Peter Paul

    Whew! Glad to see this! I thought Young Turds were no longer in Obama’s
    pocket. But I see they are still right up in Barry’s O-ring! Great job!
    Keep covering for the Liar-in-Chief! Maybe he will get you a gig on his
    show when he gets hired on Comedy Central.

  14. ddland45

    I wish there was a place where someone could get unbiased FACTUAL
    information about the ACA and everything else effecting everyone. Most of
    the crap being dumped on the internet is slanted right or left and most of
    it is simply untrue or exaggerated to the point of being untrue. Kentucky
    doesn’t seem to have any problem with the ACA because they didn’t reject
    it. How does the reactions of most Republican governors towards the ACA
    messing up how people can access this service?

  15. Dferd777

    I was lucky that I didn’t have a family because most of my friends who were
    also active and had families were on welfare or some other sort of public
    aid. Worth more on the civilian sector: many people pay a lot of lip
    service to the military my skills of leadership doing push-ups kicking in
    doors and shooting meant nothing as referenced by the fact that when I got
    out and before I graduated from college the only job I could get was as a
    security guard. This is the same story my buddies tell.

  16. Dferd777

    With respect to the military that is not correct. You may think the bulk of
    the budget is going to the guys and gals on the ground but you would be
    wrong. Military pay especially on the enlisted side is woefully low. For
    instance when I was a PV1 I made around 18k a year before taxes this was 8
    years ago btw. When I was a Sergeant I made around 27k a year before taxes
    during deployments I made more. The bulk of military spending goes to
    defense contractors not military.

  17. Itsme4746

    well if the patients are less healthy then the doctor gets less. If they
    patients live in a less healthy area or the doctor has more patients that
    are smokers they will be paid less aka penalized


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