CNN: Obama Admin Trying To Silence Insurance Companies From Discussing ObamaCare Problems

CNN: Obama Admin Trying To Silence Insurance Companies From Discussing ObamaCare Problems.
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New Fallout After Senate Dems Change Filibuster Rules Obama Admin Moving Obamacare Next Enrollment After Mid Term Election Special Report 1st Seg.

28 thoughts on “CNN: Obama Admin Trying To Silence Insurance Companies From Discussing ObamaCare Problems

  1. Timbo X LPs

    You know, once this goes into full effect all of those Employees at the
    health insurance companies will be unemployed, these are SKILLED Americans
    that deserve to have good jobs!

  2. Oswald Sinclair

    And let’s not forget the Obama-bucks with the Kool-aid, fired chicken,
    watermelon, and BBQ ribs – Diane Fedele, President of the Republican
    women’s club in San Bernardino County. This is the way the GOP thinks.
    However, most of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut and their
    emails private. But this is their common line of thinking.

  3. Oswald Sinclair

    Obama impersonator at the Republican National Convention: • On Black
    History Month: “Michelle celebrates the full month. I celebrate half.” •
    “My mother loved a black man,” but “she was not a Kardashian.” • A picture
    was shown of Obama and the first lady when he took office. The impersonator
    then showed a picture of what the Obamas will look like when the president
    leaves office, and it was the characters of Fred Sanford and his
    sister-in-law, Ethel, from the show “Sanford and Son.”

  4. Oswald Sinclair

    The truth hurts… White House – “”They’re going to have to change the name
    of that building if Obama’s elected.” – William R. FARR “A little boy said
    to his mother; ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?’ His mother
    replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that
    party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!'” – Federal Judge Richard Cebull
    “President Obama is a personal friend of mine. He was over to the house
    yesterday, but the mop broke.” – Don Rickles

  5. Oswald Sinclair

    Oh really! Then apparently you kept your eyes closed and your hearing
    protection on at the rally. I’ve probably read more Malcolm and more Obama
    and more Osama Bin Laden than you’ve read anything in your entire life. I
    understand what’s going on. It’s fools like you that don’t and think it’s
    one person running the USA and that they have ALL the answers and power.
    Well they don’t. You complain about lying, but your true saviors lied just
    as much and even worse. You are lost, son. LOST!

  6. Oswald Sinclair

    Pseudonym Sam here says Obama lied and thinks I care. He’s not MY messiah.
    My point is they all lied. Reagan/Bush & Bush/Cheney lied about a lot more.
    Arms for hostages, Mujahideen, WMD’s in 1980’s, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan,
    WMD’s in 2003, Osama Bin Laden and you bitches said nothing. Obama said
    that you would be able to keep your health plan under the ACA. And you
    could have. Your insurance company decided to drop your sorry ass. Tough
    shit! I have insurance, so I don’t care about you!

  7. brandtmark1

    He is half white, and half black. If you would like to get race involved.
    How about you try to justify the unemployment percentage growing under his
    watch? Not just that, it got worse after he told the entire nation over TWO
    presidential campaigns that he would make it better. He is doing a terrible
    job, and has only created stronger divide between our people. I see you as
    my brother as we are of the same kind, Americans. How do you see me?

  8. presidentwehoa1

    Aint that the truth. Maybe their last place ratings is finally starting to
    wake them up that Americans aren’t the complete idiots that they would like
    them to be. So they are being forced to essentially appear less partisan
    and more “fair.” Can’t blame them for trying not to become extinct I guess.

  9. castaman123

    That a boy oswald sinclair pull out the racecard you fuckin slimebag.
    liberals last resort when they get crushed in any debate. Kill yourself you
    fuck dirtbag

  10. SpikeW13

    Dude. no one cares what color his skin is. What they care about is him
    running our country into the ground and destroying it. You obviously have
    stockholm syndrome. Read some more Malcom X and less Obama.

  11. John Public

    Oh, please…throw out the tired old race card–the last bastion of the
    discredited idiot. Your messiah lied. You probably find that “comical” too.

  12. kaovalin

    Actually, taxes are the same way. You pay for stuff you dont necessarily
    use or may never use. Since I see healthcare as essentially a health tax, I
    dont have a problem with it, or that its mandatory for everyone to pay into
    the system.

  13. Oswald Sinclair

    You retards act like the ACA is the ONLY problem in the USA. You forget ALL
    the other crap that was out there that carried over. You forgot all that
    because you bigoted assholes saw a BLACK man enter the WHITE house and
    couldn’t handle it. I find it downright comical.

  14. RDevino0624

    Typical fascist and communist tactics! These types of moves are straight
    out of the Communist Manifesto! When are all the Obama supporters going to
    stop pretending that this is not a power grabbing freedom killing take over
    of our country!

  15. Mass Tea Party

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    Special Report 1st Seg #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc
    #massteaparty #teaparty


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