Clay Johnson Discusses What Really Went Wrong with on CNN’s Situation Room

Clay Johnson — former co-founder of Blue State Digital and Presidential Innovation Fellow — appearing on the 10/22/2013 broadcast of CNN’s Situation Room w…

Hackers to Congress: ‘Shut Down’

4 thoughts on “Clay Johnson Discusses What Really Went Wrong with on CNN’s Situation Room

  1. myHome109

    Remember the $1.5 Trillion in debt are real with tax payers beholden to pay
    the interest and principals, the assets created are phantom assets created
    by accounting fraud! This same trick sent Madoff, Enron, Worldcom, Tyco,
    Healthsouth and more to jail for many many years! How can $1.5 Trillion in
    do nothing debt creation and $87 Billion annual interest payment to support
    this accounting fraud lower healthcare costs? The math just do not work and
    the acct. fraud is very expensive!

  2. myHome109

    Would you like to comment on the Enron Madoff Sibelius Obama massive
    Accounting Fraud? Obamacare under at HHS Sibelius raided Medicare funds for
    $500 Billion, making the current account deficit explode even though this
    was approved bond issuance to pay current account payable. Sibelius left
    non-approved, unfunded non-negotiable IOU’s in Medicare $500 Billion and
    call this debt an asset. Sibelius transferred the funds to Obamacare and
    call the $500 Billion Asset on her cooked books.

  3. myHome109

    Therefore Obamacare from a tax payers point of view must support payments
    to a $1.5 Trillion dollar accounting fraud. According to CBO, OMB, GAO,
    HHS, Congressional hears, the accounting fraud will force tax payers to
    carry $1.5 Trillion at almost 8.7% simple interest rate per year for 10 yr
    projection. If one use GAAP or even GASB 68 the $1 Trillion asset on the
    cooked accounting books would vaporize because those are phantom assets and
    they are actually debts! Sibelius accounting fraud!


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