CHAOS: Obamacare to Collapse American Society

In today’s video, Topher Morrison of AMTV reports on the rollout and sure-fire collapse of Obamacare. http://www.amtvmedia.c…
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25 thoughts on “CHAOS: Obamacare to Collapse American Society

  1. John Smith

    +Allison Hoffman Obamacare the nightmare that will destroy America.
    Obamacare is 30000 pages thick full a regulations a person would have to be
    completely delusional to sign Obamacare the paperwork stacks over 6 feet
    high. And this is just for healthcare? yeah right. You better do your
    homework on Obama care. Pray for your enemies and pray for your leaders
    who’s treacheroury knows no bounds. God bless

  2. nick taylor

    LOL I am not allowed to talk anymore on a debate because these guys were
    put in their place, typical teabaggers. So much for freedom of speech eh?

    Nothing against you personally Andrey T but you are wrong…..

    Bah sorry I cant keep a straight face lol, you are retarded…..

  3. David IKnowStuff

    This article is complete bs. The only thing that will bankrupt us is the
    14 trillion daololors we gave to banks for thier carelessness and the war
    in iraq.. They money we spent on that corrupt things could have ran
    obamacare for a quarter of a centry

  4. potentpotis

    Obama himself doesn’t even take it serious, these commies are stupid, but
    the failure thing was planned. Just like the Reistag building and Twin
    Towers. Just like Johnson is the current PATSY for the JFK assassination.
    More to come I am sure.

  5. Andrey T.

    “No thanks, Obamacare.” Obamacare takes away our American, no human right
    to choose. Does Obama really wants to be remembered as the president forced
    us to spend hard earned money on the health plan that we do not want?

  6. FinanceLogic

    Lazy politicians ignorantly opt to divert the high costs of health to the
    decreasing number of tax payers instead of fixing the highly fixable
    problems associated with the exorbitant costs of medical treatment.

    “If your home is already flooded, burned down or reduced to rubble after an
    earthquake- whatever it is that you buy or receive that helps you rebuild
    isn’t called insurance”

  7. bear8256

    How is this right and how r we allowing this to happen?! Doesnt anyone
    thick its weird that ALL of us r being forced to get this?? What about the
    ones that dont want
    this? This is all our fault, we let this happen bc we stopped caring and
    let them make choices for us!

  8. Mary A

    ObamaCare = huge windfall > insurance companies ! The Feds realized that
    Medicare could NEVER cover the huge “Baby Boom” generation that has now
    reached retirement age. So, they pawned healthcare off to the INSURANCE
    CORPORATIONS. One flaw in their plan – it depends on YOUNG, HEALTHY folks
    signing up & paying HIGH rates. This plan is doomed to fail. WHY ? – Most
    young people barely get by, paycheck to paycheck – Many had NO intention of
    buying insurance, & WON’T OBAMACARE WILL COLLAPSE !

  9. Matthew Jorgenson

    Obama’s campaign slogan “Change”. The stupid people that voted for him
    overlooked the fact that change can go both ways, good and bad.America got
    the bad change.

  10. Destiny Kiera

    Compassion dear scdellucci is wrought with the ability to provide empathy
    towards others. Neither of which you display. You ignored the questions and
    decided to hove in where you felt it best in the debate without a soluble
    solution other than your own without providing necessary data to back such
    conclusions up. I would reconsider my stance before posting in the future.

  11. ssjtrunks briefs

    I am wondering how many of these highly funded websites are funded by
    donors such as insurance company or Koch bro it feels like it is pushing an
    agenda. Saying well its your fault for cancer and your all lazy and health
    insurance company’s haven’t raised cost extremely over the years which it
    has while wages have stalled. Think of this every 1st world nation has
    universal health care except for USA and our life expectancy isn’t the
    highest in the world for the most expensive healthcare in the

  12. Pluto

    Health is an investment, war is stupid and the most costly. And It went up
    because demand went up, but the insurance companies don’t have the supply.
    Ppl won’t be turned down for qualifying factors that are rediculous, tho so
    it will actually be usefull and hold the companies to their propositions
    unless they go all enron on ppl they won’t do well and it should stabilize.
    *But i don’t know wtf im talking about so Id much rather ppl just become
    more socialized and make saving ppl more simple.

  13. Angel of Reality

    You are a fucking moron. If the government was for the people then they
    would stop all these illegal wars that are costing trillions and give every
    person in the United States free health insurance with no strings attached.

  14. Angel of Reality

    In the end Obamacare is no insurance because of the high deductibles that
    most people will not have when they do get sick. 75% of the population
    lives pay check to pay check they don’t have a pot to piss in and not a
    cent saved. Most of the 50 million that don’t have insurance don’t because
    they have no extra money, by the time they pay all their bills they are
    broke. They are lucky if they have an extra $20 a week. and now the
    government wants to take that and their little tax refund check.

  15. Remy Lebeau

    So you can’t support or refute ANY of the points made in this video, but
    you want me to waste who knows how much time reading something I probably
    won’t understand with or without coffee?

  16. dw3drey

    That is why you have private charities and groups to team up to help
    others, its called voluntarism.Voluntarism is far more efficient than force
    from government.

  17. Joseph Kinney

    I’m curious as to how many people, both for and against the law, have
    actually read it. I can honestly say that I have, and although it’s a lot
    of legal jargon I was able to understand it (took a lot of coffee to get me
    there). I think most people rely on the news media and their political
    affiliation, which is really sad. Read it for yourself before you criticize
    it. And make sure to have the coffee ready…

  18. RapistLesbian

    well some visits leave you in the hospital for weeks or months. mine was
    about 20 days and added up to 40,000 in bills. which i did not pay for.

  19. burn2457

    How stupid do you have to be if you have no healthcare you get to die in
    the ER if you can’t stop buy one 12 pack a mouth to cover your ,you and
    your family then maybe the greedie 12% will help you with that liver cancer
    from buying 8 12 packs of bud’s each mouth stop being retarded and letting
    the jerk in the video tell you Obama care is bad and having no healthcare
    is good because the human race is full of jackasses and will never come to
    nobody aid if they don’t have too.

  20. Edward Reynolds

    I dont like Obama either but I do like the healthcare because now my
    grandmother can g a t insurance on her job because they dont give it at all
    and she been there like 15 years and ghey have or 50 employees so she told
    me shes happy she did try to gdt her own insurance but was denied so yea im
    happy go obama go


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