CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to “Lie” Order BREAKTHROUGH today. The Obama Administration’s campaign to sign everyone up for government healthcare inspired Project Veritas t…
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Jay Sekulow on Fox news with Sean Hannity: ObamaCare Failing

Jay Sekulow appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity to discuss the failing ObamaCare.

30 thoughts on “CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to “Lie”

  1. MrNintoku

    I don’t see the problem with lying on my health care application? Don’t we
    do it for Jobs? Hell I just did it 1 hour ago in a panel interview.

    Guy at start is making it sound lie a bad thing.

  2. david stanic

    Isn’t Obamacare desigend to help the poor, the low income earners? Why are
    people so fucking greedy. GIve a little you mother fuckers. You tight ass
    middle class fucks. I’m middle class, But have investments in property but
    I’m still middle class. As far as I’m concerned I could not be happier
    helping out those who didn’t have the opportunities that I did. LIfe is
    hard, not everyone can be rich. So if you are share a little you tight ass

  3. sheri226

    This is fucking ridiculous! All she did was tell him not to report
    something that he hasn’t previously reported on his taxes or he’d be open
    to an audit. How many people in the United States are going to report money
    on their taxes that they made cutting hair on the side for fucks sake? NONE
    & rightly so, it’s fucking pocket change compared to the kind of money the
    upper class make.
    You people are trying WAY to hard & FAILING miserably! 

  4. Top Echelon

    You racist blame everything on obama like hes not being told what to do by
    the elite bankers and illuminati. You ppl are full of shit You take one
    little video and act like cry babies. Whites are the new cry babies its ok
    for you to benefit off your racist power structure but once u become
    challenged u cry like little kids. Take away your guns and your laws and
    level the playing field u would become extinct

  5. Azzyboi

    Wait someone said Obamacare is designed to help the needy and the poor.
    Everyone with a slight bit of intelligence please have a moment of silence
    for this poor soul. 

  6. Timmy Hayden

    Echelon, it’s the majority that are complaining because the majority are
    getting screwed royally. Nothing the president said about the affordable
    healthcare act was true and often times the exact opposite happened.

  7. Steve Donovan

    Top Echelon, calm down dude lol. White ppl arent racist. Everyone is
    brainwashed to the point where if ur black you tjink all whites hate u n
    vice versa. We gotta stop listening tonthe racist elite new world order
    pricks who want us devided. Check out the venus project. We can change this
    world into wat the american dream was all about. True freedom. The bankers
    r conditioned to behave the wayvthey. Obama is just another member in the
    cycle, hes the same as bush, they r all the same. JFK was like the last
    honest man in washington.
    I really dislike obama cuz i feel like he tricked me into voting for him.
    He was supposed to be cleanin up washington. Instead, he establishes the
    TPP, is trying to continue the bush administrations imperialistic take over
    of the middle east. Watch General Wesley Clarks video.
    I know there is still racism, but it is being fed by corporations and
    bankers n polotucians.
    We need a peaceful 2nd American Revolution. Its our only way to true
    freedom. But after we win, we cant go back to the same capitalist system
    that is based off competition.

  8. moonruff zopa

    Ah, if this doesn’t sound familiar. Back before the election there was a
    similar video, claiming people were being pushed to lie, and it was later
    proven that the gop stretched the truth greatly and in fact were the liars
    for purposes of convincing people simply to vote for the other candidate.
    But the alternative, Mccain/Palin? They were caught lying on a weekly
    basis. What can’t recall? One of their many lies was to insinuate obama
    was a terrorist with palin leading the way in that drive. As far as
    obama, he’s one of the most honest we’ve had.

  9. Joshua Eaton Films

    I do not like this video because its on the ku klux klans website. I am
    learning about them in school… terrible organization having hatrid on
    blacks. :/ Whats wrong with them :,(

  10. Laura Burt-Thorpe

    This whole thing is a joke. It has always been a Control/Revenue bill.
    People forget that the Supreme only allowed it through when they were
    declared it as a tax because as it was originally written, the Supreme
    Court could not pass it as law. There has been so much fraud, so many
    lies, and all the incompetent behavior around this bill, that it is a world
    wide embarrassment for the US. Obama owns it and those who voted for him.
    “Destroy America? Yes we can!” was really their mantra.

  11. Gen Speaking

    My favorite part of this video is where everyone all of a sudden got racist
    and started throwing around blames. The guy filming the video was black.
    How is he racist? Boy, I sure love how smart my country is.

  12. Jim Farley

    You guys are stabbing these women in the back. The two women together
    were telling you not to declare income you haven’t already declared, so you
    don’t get in trouble. And you stab her in the back. How is this pertinent?

    So you think Income Taxes are lawful? You don’t have the people’s back. You
    are just muckraking media whores, looking for controversy so you can make a
    name for yourselves.

    YOU started the lie-ball rolling when you “failed to report” your “cash
    business”. Then you want to pawn the lie off onto her because she tried to
    help you avoid an audit from the IRS, the organization that lives and
    breathes to RUIN PEOPLE (two close friends of mine and hundreds of
    thousands more!). In reality YOU lied to HER when you told her about “cash
    business” that you didn’t report, you fucking twit.

    I’m surprised, and a bit disappointed, that this doesn’t have more

  13. PlntPeace

    Leave it to the blacks to help each other fu*k everyone else over. And
    laugh about it in that lazy manner. You think there’s Medicaid/care fraud
    going on NOW. Wait till this BS get’s rolled out, if it ever gets off the

  14. whoRwe02

    USA is great. Money created from air is designed for people who dont care.
    You may define what greatness at all levels. Maybe abuse is the word. And
    when addicted, well someone can define factual observations and actual
    attitudes under a tribe of HUGE DEBT.

  15. bill NELSON

    Really makes since telling every body to lie about what ever to get lower
    premiums.While at the same time screaming about whity not giving them
    enough out of there taxs.

  16. moderatesunited

    So gay cowboys exposed “fraud”.

    Boring video. Put your pitchforks away nothing shocking here. Texas will
    eventually turn blue and you hillbilly rednecks will be even more fucked.

  17. Alison White

    Seems to me that if a person has been working cash in hand (and let’s face
    it every small businessman does it) then OBVIOUSLY they are giving sensible
    advice not to dob themselves in – what’s so bloody wrong with that. This
    video is so chopped up it’s nonsensical.

  18. ExHomoLooking4Pussy

    Remember that Obama is an outsider who has never been informed about
    anything, is outside the loop, knows nothing, has no information, is
    unaware of any problems, has nothing accurate to say, and has no
    accountability for what other people, institutions or organizations in the
    world might be doing and therefor has no responsibility.

  19. theunpossiblefile

    Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze disclaimer on “Citizen Journalist” O’Keefe’s tape,
    “it should be noted that the video is heavily edited and employs deceptive
    tactics in order to catch the navigators offering the shocking advice.”

    “When Beck’s crew is disturbed by deceptive tactics, you know you’ve
    crossed a line that most charlatans never see in their whole
    How much “veritas” can the world take? This is the T-Party that purges
    nearly all their elected moderates & then thinks nothing of calling Pres.
    Obama “radical” tyrant, fascist, anti-Christ..& that’s the polite version.
    The T-Party propaganda pecking order: James O’Keefe, The National Enquirer,
    The Globe, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Glenn Beck, WND, Rev. Moon’s Wash. Times,
    Rush, Levin, Fox “News”, Drudge Report, T-Party Republican fundraising

  20. Weintraubeheld221

    Friends of mine moved to the US and my dream was to go there some day too.
    But now i don’t wanna go there anymore. Man, read those comments here.
    “Give a little you motherf***” like a agressiv homeless would confront you
    for handouts.

    What a discusting place america has become.

  21. nsecchi1

    Every video James O’keefe releases has been edited to show things that
    didn’t happen. He can’t help himself. He’s a liar. And completely
    incompetent as an investigative reporter. He came to fame releasing a phony
    video on Acorn. He had to pay out $100,000.00 in that one. Plus playing a
    pimp in the most ridiculous pimp outfit imaginable. Then it turns out he
    wasn’t even wearing the pimp outfit at the Acorn meeting.

  22. Kristi Ann J

    DEMOCRATS like Lanny Davis are so DUMB and Stupid they DO NOT Know right
    from WRONG!!! Lanny Davis is an IDIOT!! Lanny is a IRRESPONSIBLE PARTY!!
    SOCIALIST PARTY the Obama Belongs to is also the LIBERAL PARTY and they are
    and Jay Sekulow are 1000% RIGHT!! DO NOT TRUST IN EVIL Obama-Nation and his
    Corrupt Government TAKING our FREEDOMS away from us in the United States Of
    America!! Obama-Nation is DEAD WRONG and a DEVOUT Muslim!! Obama-Nation
    has our ENEMY the Muslim Brotherhood in the White-House with him giving him
    Bad Advice!! The Muslim Brotherhood in the White-House is Tied to the
    Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda known for Jihad in the Middle-East and
    United States of America!! WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT an EVIL Islamic
    Government in our Nation!! Muhammad was NO Prophet of our TRUE God in
    Heaven!! Muhammad 1400 years ago created Islamic Muslims from a FALSE book
    called the Koran!! The Koran is NOT Holy at all, it was created by Satan (
    the devil ) for Muhammad!! Muhammad was a MURDERER, CHILD MOLESTER, THIEF,
    LIAR, FALSE PROPHET!! There is NO god named Allah!! Allah is EVIL Satan (
    the devil )!! When Jesus Christ RETURNS SOONER than later, He is going to
    THROW all Islamic Muslims and FALSE RELIGIONS into HELL to Live and DIE
    with Satan ( the devil )!!! Obama-Nation thinks the Koran and evil Muhammad
    are holy, they are NOT HOLY!!! TIME TO CALL ALL your SENATORS and DEMAND
    IMPEACHMENT of Obama-Nation and his REGIME!!!

    Ye Must Be BORN AGAIN through Jesus Christ to enter into Heaven!! Jesus
    Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, No one comes to the FATHER, but
    through Me ( Jesus Christ )!! Ye MUST be SAVED through Jesus Christ’s BLOOD
    He Shed on the CROSS for ALL our SINS!! Ye Must Know that Jesus is the only
    WAY to Heaven!! Ye want to be BORN AGAIN. PLEASE READ THIS ~> < ~ Ye are ALL Children of our LIVING God in Heaven Jesus Christ!! Jesus Christ gave us this COMMANDMENT that we MUST LOVE one Another, the WAY He LOVED everyone FIRST!! Love in Jesus, YSIC o/ Kristi Anne

  23. Tahoe2U

    Democratic Senators, congressmen, and President O – If you like your job
    come election day you don’t get to keep it! ;(


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