Cancelled By Obamacare – Loyal Supporters Obama Lose Health Coverage – The Kelly File

Cancelled By Obamacare – Loyal Supporters Obama Lose Health Coverage – The Kelly File.

18 thoughts on “Cancelled By Obamacare – Loyal Supporters Obama Lose Health Coverage – The Kelly File

  1. Mass Tea Party

    Cancelled By Obamacare Loyal Supporters Obama Lose Health Coverage – The
    Kelly File #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican

  2. davec3487

    Ha ha! Not so generous with the poor when it comes out of your own
    pocket! Where did you think the money for covering more sick people would
    come from, the rich? That’s what you get for blindly following the turd in

  3. braxton whitley

    Could not happen to better people. Hearing stories like this is the only
    good thing about this law. In a just world everybody who voted for this
    person, that there rates would triple.

  4. Mac Alvarez

    So now that we know that what Obama “intented” to say was that in order to
    get more coverage, premiums will be higher…so now, everything is
    OK…right??.. Are we supposed to just be OK with this?.. if the democrats
    would have said it was going to cost more, this law would not have
    passed…even though the TEA party was telling them for years that premiums
    were going to sky rocket and millions of Americans were going to lose their
    insurance, but they didn’t care and obviously did not listen.

  5. tellit2yastr8

    I lost my free family insurance with the company I work for and now have to
    pay for this shitty overpriced Obama care. I hate this socialistic dictator
    that the welfare recipients call their president. cant wait for a
    republican pres so we can start to fix what king Obama screwed up.

  6. Ruby Duan

    I meant that he was descent because he admitted that he screwed up. Not
    like Obama put a straight face and keep lying. 

  7. George C

    The couple and Lanny Davis are ignorant idiots to still believe that the
    administration will do anything to fix it or help them in any way… they
    are in denial about a president gone rogue… the only thing you can do to
    fix this is impeached Obama and repeal ObamaCare.

  8. ParanormalEvidence01

    If you have voted for Obama “”Please Thumbs up”” if you could reverse your
    VOTE as he was elected as President !!!

  9. hutch463

    All of a sudden you’ve got liberal dems that are upset about a
    policy/law/tax that THEY SUPPORTED AND VOTED FOR (if you voted for obama,
    you voted for all the imaginary things he promised). Why are they upset?
    This is what they WANTED, but now quite a few of them are whining and
    moaning because they got what they wanted? No. They are whining and moaning
    because they now realize just how STUPID they really are – and that’s a
    hard pill to swallow (ESPECIALLY considering the cost of medicine or
    anything else on obamacare).

  10. ArtieLangeXM

    It’s funny that people seem to think health plan cancellations are a “bad
    These health plans were so bad, that they couldn’t even meet the
    prescription drug coverage requirements, or the preventative care

    It’s funny how clueless americans are. Especially on the right.

    If you UNKNOWINGLY have a bad healthcare plan, and it get’s cancelled, and
    you can then purchase BETTER, MORE AFFORDABLE coverage… why would you
    complain about that lol.

    Boggles the mind how clueless and belligerent people are.

    If anyone disagrees, feel free to challenge me. I’ll be more than happy to
    engage, and systematically tear you apart piece by piece lol. I’m quite
    confident that no one in the comments section has even bothered to read a
    single article about the health care website or the plan cancelations.,
    : )


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