Can Romney Repeal Obamacare?

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney claims he will repeal Obamacare (despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Affordable Care Act is constitu…

25 thoughts on “Can Romney Repeal Obamacare?

  1. honeybunch2k6

    to do so because they die waiting for bureaucrats to approve their
    financing for their treatment.Thats straight from Canadian online
    newspapers. Some people have even complained that the wait is so people can
    die before getting treatment. Also, the figures that that up to 70% of
    bankruptcies are bc of medical bills is debatable at best.

  2. jasonlbutler

    That is great…. so what you’re saying is that the FED has almost 100
    trillion dollars. Right? Even though the United States GDP is 15 trillion,
    you’re saying that the Federal Reserve actually has somewhere in the range
    of 100 trillion and can back every dollar. Right? Just making sure I got
    this straight.

  3. charlie brown

    its amazing how our military with 100k troops plus night vision, air
    superiority, laser guided munitions, etc can’t defeat cavemen with ak47s
    and RPGs. how pathetic is that?

  4. honeybunch2k6

    yes as opposed to not receiving treatment until you have permanent injury
    or end up in critical condition (the problem in your present system) And
    single payer will make it different (if this was true). It’s already govt
    policy (ie tricare) to wait for a problem to get worse, then treat you.
    Single payer just means more people get this tricare-type treatment.

  5. types10000

    “In single payer you dont necessarily get the care. You get a spot in a
    line” – yes as opposed to not receiving treatment until you have permanent
    injury or end up in critical condition (the problem in your present system)
    “Elites know this and exempt themselves from it.” – no, it’s not a matter
    of exemption, government healthcare usually run ALONGSIDE private options
    and it is not simply the elites but the bulk of people who work that can
    afford private cover.

  6. megarational

    It’s idiot policies like the one you parrot that is the reason healht care
    costs are a major cause of personal bankruptcies in the US. Want to know
    how many bankruptcies there are in Canada from health care costs? ZERO.

  7. charlie brown

    u can’t write me a check u don’t have but the banksters can. hence, the
    term banksters. u’ve never caught on to that? the banks own this country.
    its the same banking families that financed hitler. its fascism. those
    websites i quoted from were government websites. bernie sanders office in
    the senate and there is a link there to go to the goa(government
    accountability office). they have the numbers down to the thousands. we’re
    dealing in trillions. how far down the decimal point do you need?

  8. megarational

    How out-of-touch can you possibly be? Paying “out of pocket” is a
    deterrence to getting health care for many people who work hard but whose
    incomes are barely enought to pay the rent and feed the family.

  9. Alkohollokaust

    There doesnt need to be a great wall of china between states! People need
    to have the freedom of moving to a state that best represents their views
    and needs no matter what it is. Anyone that doesnt agree with the laws and
    policies of one state, could MOVE TO A DIFFERENT STATE! Just like with this
    FEDERAL war on states medical marijuana law, You CANT do with that with
    FEDERAL LAWS! You have NO CHOICE when it comes to FEDERAL LAWS!

  10. megarational

    You idiot. Single payer is just a hc FINANCING system. No gov’t bureaucrat
    interferes with whatever treatment your doctor prescribes. Compare that to
    the US system where HMO’s & insur co burearcrats tell you what doc to see,
    what treatment you can have, whether you can go to the hospital, & if so
    for how long.

  11. jasonlbutler

    Matter of fact, lets just say the US just created a bunch of Ben Franklin’s
    and printed a shit load of money. It wouldn’t be backed and therefore
    WORTHLESS!! So, yes the US can loan a company 100 gazillion dollars, but if
    its not backed, then it might as well be wadding paper. So now that bank
    that has 100 gazillion “unbacked” US currency, really isn’t out of hot
    water because they can’t pay their debt. So its pointless! If you can’t see
    this by now, then I don’t know what else to say brother.

  12. charlie brown

    its called printing dollars. this devalues all other dollars in existence.
    the reason the economy won’t turn around is because of all the new dollars.
    new dollars cause inflation. we have two open ended bailout programs. tarp1
    and tarp2. where dollars are constantly printed and the fed is continuing
    on with QE3 now. the reason the economy can’t kick start is as soon as the
    money does start to flow, inflation will kick in and slow things back down.
    this creates a vicious cycle. ask japan.

  13. honeybunch2k6

    And it sounds like you have been listening to a bunch of Msnbc. I’m
    actually an independent who listens and reads various media. And where have
    i ever argued in favor of hmos. I’ve already said that usa insurance is
    mostly due to govt insurance decades ago. I’ve already argued in favor of
    direct payment medicine. I’ve even admitted that I pay out of pocket and
    think others should do the same. I’ve never argued for them.

  14. charlie brown

    if i write you a check and don’t have the money, i can go to jail if its
    large enough. the federal reserve passed out 16 trillion dollars to these
    banks. some even foreign banks. they get bonuses and make interest on every
    dollar they created. the united states is in debt 16 trillion. the federal
    reserve system is totally seperate from the govt. its a collection of
    private banks. the big banks. you know them. they collectively make up the
    federal reserve system. its private. not government

  15. jasonlbutler

    Okay, either you’re ignoring what I’m saying or just not reading my posts.
    YOU…CAN’T…LOAN…MONEY…YOU…DON’T…HAVE. If the United States does
    not have 16 trillion in backed US currency, then the money is not worth the
    paper its printed on. I can write you a check for 1 million dollars, but if
    I don’t have the money in the bank, then the check is worthless.

  16. megarational

    If the doctors & providers were governmenjt employees, then you could say
    it was “government health care”. But they are not. They are private
    professionals, organizations & businesses.

  17. honeybunch2k6

    Fool. In single payer you dont necessarily get the care. You get a spot in
    a line.Elites know this and exempt themselves from it. Sometimes they elect
    to use private insurance or they fly elsewhere. Its the same as elites
    exempting themselves from Obamacare. You dont seem to grasp that just
    because the govt has a hand in health care doesn’t mean you are going to
    get it.My friend has federal tricare, and he can’t get dental treatment on
    base.His problem wasn’t serious enough so he was told t

  18. honeybunch2k6

    If government health care is so great, why are people going through the
    trouble of buying private? And elites do get around the system, by flying
    elsewhere. If you’re middle class you may be able to escape as well. Who
    are these people ending up in critical condition? There are already clinics
    that cater to the disadvantaged. Most people simply do not have to wait
    that long.Heck, and live in the poorest state in the nation.

  19. Ted Yanez

    I love how Romney practically created Obamacare when he was governor but
    now says it’s dumb because of his damn super PACs

  20. megarational

    If you have a national hc insurance financing sytem (single payer) everyone
    who is able to contributes. When you say some medical expenses should be
    paid out of pocket all you are doing is transferring hc. costs from the
    risk pool onto the backs of the sick & injured.

  21. megarational

    In Canada the public health care financing covers all basic & essential
    health care. You can buy supplementary private insurance too. It covers
    such things as a private room if you have a hospital stay, etc that may not
    be covered by the public financing system.

  22. megarational

    As for efficiency, the Canadian single payer system produces about the same
    overall health outcomes by medical condition as does the US, but 1. covers
    everyone 2. costs a whopping 7% of GDP less than does the US system 3. Ins.
    companies can’t drop you. 4. you can’t go bankrupt over medical bills 5.
    even preexisting conditions are covered. 6. you don’t lose your coverage if
    you lose your job 7. no co-payments, deductibles or caps 8. you never even
    have to file claims

  23. megarational

    Women go to the doctor a lot “probably much more than they should” is the
    dumbest comment I have ever read. And that says a lot considering this is
    youtube. So get bent and get lost. I can’t waste any more time on a retard
    like you.


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