Callers Outraged at Horrifying Truths of Obamacare Rate Hikes

Alex takes calls on the horrifying truths behind the rate hikes in Obamacare and how they are to break the American Economy. Stay in the know – Follow Alex o…

25 thoughts on “Callers Outraged at Horrifying Truths of Obamacare Rate Hikes

  1. bigraviolees

    Alex Jones showcasing the finest in pre frontal lobotomy’s out patient
    program, no side effects,,, well almost none

  2. Laceymediclady82 .

    Until anyone here reads (or has read) the bill themselves, you can’t say
    for a fact what is or isn’t in it. You might be surprised.

  3. GoodLightKnight

    Hes said all sorts of evil nasty wrong doings by the elites. Claiming Jimmy
    Savile was a Pedophile when the man was alive takes a lot bravery! Savile
    wouldn’t have allowed it as a controlled oppo! No not Icke, hes a bit
    eccentric and did have a breakdown in the beginning but hes is a bit odd
    sometimes! Hes genuine. I’m sure your right though some presenters and
    their networks are controlled! The BBC is evil!

  4. GoodLightKnight

    There is no way they would allow David Icke or anyone else to accuse the
    Royal Family of taking children or the some of the prime ministers he has
    accused of pedophilia, no way, they would not allow him to say it, your

  5. Dawn2388

    @GoodLightKnight – It’s clear you have no understanding of what “Controlled
    Opposition” means. Here’s an interesting quote for you. “The best way to
    control the opposition is to LEAD it”. ~Vladimir Ilich Lenin Sure you can
    speak “some” truth. Otherwise you wouldn’t keep anyone’s interest very long.

  6. GoodLightKnight

    No hes not! Hes said things that are unquestionable very dangerous but
    true. There’s no way the Masons would let David says things about the Royal
    family if he was controlled!

  7. GoodLightKnight

    Cant people get the Rothschilds helped Cameron to become PM of UK! The
    Zionist government of Great Britain!

  8. Jayson Hansen

    You don’t get the sarcasm he is saying; he said that because that is what
    the establishment enforces today. If you question the system, or the
    established authority, you can be arrested. Our rights have been infringed
    upon with national security and even international authority interests
    being above even the Bill of Rights that protects us as freedom-seeking
    individuals. Stay focused, do hard, intensive, extensive research. Uncover
    the truth. Jesuits & Zionist Illuminati must come to an end.

  9. Zazy Formex

    Questioning the leader is racist????What a talking about Making fun
    of the leader,calling names of our leader is racist as well,you are doing
    this on your show all day long,So WHAT a Hell you talking about Mr Jones

  10. Dawn2388

    @Roy Irwin – How many poor people actually got that FREE ObamaCare people
    initially heard so much about? No one? Really? NO ONE?

  11. Dawn2388

    “Flu shots may reduce risk of heart attack, strokes, and even death.”
    Really? The key word in that sentence is “MAY” (i.e. might, or might not).
    Its a bullshitter peace for the ignorant. It STINKS of “plausible
    deniability” we hear so much about. Anytime it says “may”, your bullshit
    alarm should go off. We could just as easily say Obama MAY be God, Satan,
    or even Santa Claus. Plausible Deniability, Plausible Deniability,
    Plausible Deniability… Please. Let’s never get too specific.

  12. Roy Irwin

    obamacare is a rope-a-dope it was designed to only one purpose. while
    everybody is fighting over obamacare we are not watching what the
    government are doing. and Obama is fast at destroying the dollar. and if
    you would like to know the few people that is benefiting from Obamacare
    well they are the corporate bankers. taking in our premiums.

  13. Dawn2388

    Yeah. Well how many poor Americans actually got the FREE health insurance
    that was spoken of? No one? Didn’t think so.


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