Boehner: Sequester Like a ‘Meat Ax’

Boehner: Sequester Like a 'Meat Ax'

Speaker of the House John Boehner says automatic federal spending cuts, known as the “sequester,” are like taking a meat ax to the government. (Feb. 6)

24 thoughts on “Boehner: Sequester Like a ‘Meat Ax’

  1. EuroDude20x

    No one says that a Black country needs multiculturalism.

    No one says that an Asian country needs multiculturalism.

    Yet in ALL & ONLY White countries, anti-Whites posing as “anti-racists” demand those countries stop being White and become “multicultural”. This is genocide – the targeted destruction of a group.

    Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide and anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  2. EdditoriaRite2

    Boehner and his Republicans have their own personal agenda and the American people ain’t it. Wake up! Look at Bush and Chainey now. One blames the other(Chainey) and the other(Bush) now is claiming not to remember much of anything. How long can we as a country allow this type of insanity?

  3. polyrhythmic1

    We don’t need to weaken our national defense. Russia, China, and Iran are all building up their militaries at an alarming rate. We need all the jets and ships we can build! The defense industry shouldn’t be the scapegoat. It’s the moochers that are getting hand outs that’s the real problem.

  4. seejimmy s

    real? they still get their moneyand subsidies . and now they hope for escrow with interest. while we pay for the axe and keep everyone else on generic drugs and welfare

  5. seejimmy s

    govt tax, city tax, utility tax all getting paid. its pity, they, are hoping for. axe? they want us to pay for that 2

  6. mystyc1

    haha, yeah. It is like “cut spending! cut spending! cut spending for everything…” except… the defense budget… and oil subsidies… and corporate tax cuts… and yeah… >.>…

  7. AngelAsmodeus666

    Get real people.. There’s too many people and not enough money or jobs any more . About the only way to solve this, is to have a war and even the two out again . It’s like a forest , when the trees gets to be too many and die out . there’s usually a big fire and then life starts all over again . Cutting jobs ?? why pay someone 250.00 to stay home with unemployment when they was bringing home 300.00 working . Does Job Cutting really help things ???

  8. VkyleV

    Ironically you are childishly pointing your finger at the US government. All that costs a lot of money. Much of the money comes from taxes but that money is not enough. Thus, the debt and deficit increases. Congress attempts to solve this issue by increasing taxes and implementing budget sequestration. The democrats and republicans have different methods of dealing with this economic issue. This economic issue is not simple at all so try to understand their methods before pointing your finger.

  9. s3tione

    I say, bring on the meat axe! Bring on the sequester! Then watch shit get done!

  10. LosAngelesWeedSmoker

    Just die of a random heart attack you corporate war mongering whore. All these fucking useless politicians just being able to roam the country freely should sicken you. This is incredibly pathetic, all those men that died for this country, and we handed over our souls and wealth to these fucking useless devils. I’m glad my heart rate increases seeing these ultra rich scumbags in suits working for other super ultra rich corporations and private banks. MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Just DIE!!!!!!!!

  11. west7productions

    every have a friend own you a hundred dollars? remember how sick of him and fed up with them you got- thats our country right now- we cant even pay the interest on the bills we owe-

  12. pvtjamesryan3

    Maybe Obama is right, maybe we should delay the cuts again, so we can chill out in a garage and smoke pot while we figure out how to delay the cuts again.

  13. MetalDetroit

    Wait !

    I thought Democrats WANTED Military spending cuts…..

    Now they don’t because it will hurt the economy.

    Make up your fucking minds Democrats !

  14. ukillnub201

    See this is why I have become more and more libertarian. If the GOP really stood for economic conservatism, lower deficits and lower spending then they ought to be wielding this “meat axe.” The 2012 election has actually convinced me that the Democrats and Republicans are really two sides of the same coin. The libertarian party is the only how for fiscal conservatism.

  15. BertGriffin88

    Bush&Dick Republican TeaBagging Bonerhead aka MeatHead with a MeatAx stands before America and says we shall screw the Poor BottomClass cause that’s what we, the Dumb Ass Republicans get paid by the BigRich – KockBrudduhs, RoverHorsePiss, & KingKongKarl – to do. The Bush&Dick BigRich BigBankers have crushed America. They’ve wrecked the economy. They’ve fired teachers, firefighters, policemen, and many public workers. They’ve stolen Trillions and will steal more. The MeatHead with MeatAx cometh!

  16. utubeaccount00

    or you could just FUCKING CUT ‘DEFENSE’ SPENDING since it’s largest drain on the economy by a huge margin

  17. crinoid1919

    what a bunch of fucks…………..they put a noose around there necks to force the issue…. and now they are focusing on how to get the noose of and NOT the issue……


  18. awakenchange

    how about ALL of your meatheads take a flippin paycut, that’ll work!!!!!

  19. Olijah ELIJAH

    You are funny Mr Demcad. Mexicans are today’s Native Americans. Mexicans and Indians are the same. Its Just Like an Ethiopian is the Same as a black Man. Do you understand that! Do you understand that we are ALL equal? Do you understand the poverty is a created illusion. Always remember,”Where there is rain, there is God’s abundance”. The Rain is the wealth and we have not appreciated it. Have you heard the story of Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Its true. Jesus is real and He is coming soon. Peace.


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