Bill O’Reilly: Obamacare Can’t Be Fixed – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Bill O’Reilly: “Kathleen Sebelius should not only be fired, she should be deported.” Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: Watch…

16 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: Obamacare Can’t Be Fixed – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  1. Sacha Proctor

    There’s nothing wrong with Obamacare. It’s the website that was the issue.
    Ignorant people like Bill O’Reilly who keep telling Americans you have to
    wait years for medical care when you have socialized medicine. It’s
    nonsense and propaganda.

  2. loud4trth

    Hey bill last time i was at the DMV i didnt see any chaos. Can someone
    please ask both these multi millionaires when was the last time they
    stepped foot inside a DMV 

  3. I Hate Bush Too

    I hate thinking that I will ever agree with Bill O’Dick head, because he is
    a dickhead, but he’s right about Obamacare.

    It’s a complete system failure, a glitch is when my XBOX Live freezes
    during a deathmatch.

    This law is a 747 filled to capacity trying to get off the runway with it
    wings missing crashing into an occupied building with 0 survivors.

  4. ComradeSmokey

    did you guys know that more people singed the potion to build the death
    star then Obama care? lol thats funny as tits

  5. Darrin Cothran

    Anyone who thinks that socialized medicine as they have in the U.K should
    speak to my friend about how she had abdominal surgery at an NHS hospital,
    and one night she rang for the nurse because she had to go to the bathroom.

    No one ever came, and as she was trying to make it to the bathroom by
    herself she fell on the floor and could not get up.

    She lay on the floor (on her incision) for 3 HOURS before anyone ever came
    to check on her, and eventually developed a terrible infection.

    Earlier this year she needed a cat scan, and the NHS doctor told her she
    would have to wait 2 months to get an appointment.

    She and her husband now buy their own private insurance and have vowed
    never to used the NHS again.

    Unless they just want to die.

    Countries with “free healthcare” are filled with horror stories like this.

  6. Disco

    No one wants free helthcare, except the people who need it. That’s why it’s
    failing. And Bill is a disgusting human being.

  7. HoneySiegalSurvivor

    Should Jay be fired? ANS: NO
    Let Jay stay.
    The Nanny state is literally being funded by Sara Service Corporation fraud
    linked to the fictitious business filings of the main man who hired Obamas
    from fraudulent records of ‘wife’ using Zenadev to broker the US demise.
    See my webspawner site.
    When O’Reilly continues in this interview (and I cannot find the clip) he
    rants about “killing leno”………wonder if his sly as a FOX RSS boss put
    him up to it. HRS

  8. RoupMcgee

    Self reliant nation? Is that why 90% of the things I own are made in
    China? Our products are made on the backs of poor nations. We are not
    self sustaining. That’s just one example.

  9. honeybee7700

    do medical coverage like canada does and everyone would be taken care of
    and no insurance companies for doctors, hospitalization or health care

  10. Daniel Peter Raimondi

    its a private insurance mandate bill not public sector mandate
    the unemployed and the poor dont have any insurance


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