Bill Maher On Republican Debate & Donald Trump Dick Size

Bill Maher Calls Out Trump: ‘Show Us the Dick Certificate’

Bill Maher, the outspoken comedian and TV host, and Donald Trump, the orange real estate mogul turned leading Republican candidate for president, have an interesting history. In the midst of Trump’s racist birther crusader against President Obama, Maher made a crack on the Tonight Show joking he’d donate million to charity if Trump produced a copy of his birth certificate to prove he’s not the “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

Now Trump, who isn’t the biggest fan of the First Amendment—and has never met a lawsuit he didn’t want to file—sued Maher for million over the joke (he later withdrew the suit), leading the comic to tell the thin-skinned heir to “suck it up” on his program Real Time with Bill Maher.
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20 thoughts on “Bill Maher On Republican Debate & Donald Trump Dick Size

  1. Alan Mazzucchelli

    Mono I can still hear ater voice in my mind here saying extremism in the defense oi is no Vice. did you know that he was born in Arizona when it was still a territort might have been worth a legal challenge. you need to research Bernie Sanders civil rights commitment. at the University of Chicago he spent three years leading and organizing for the student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Congress of racial equality, to the extent that his GPA suffered and he was warned by the dean. voting against the Civil Rights bill Due to minor eccentric disagreements is Unforgivable. the Civil Rights bill was the starting point 4 exponentially improving status and life experience for African Americans. the first sentence should read I can still hear the waters voice in my mind there saying extremism in the defense of Liberty is no Vice in the 1980s 17% of of intact household black families were considered to be affluent and only 15% of intact black families was considered poor. the Civil Rights bill bending all sorts of discrimination Was the starting point for this transformation. the crack epidemic and the rise of single parent households ended the progress that was made. this type of factual information end in sight trumps casting a vote For Hillary based on sentiment and superficiality.

  2. ZelbeQahi

    amazing that after murdering an entire race for "FREEDOM", spending gazillions to create a Bureau of Anglo, excuse me, Indian Affairs, a socialist policy, a war to challenge slavery, women oppression and pedophile churches, Americans worship of trump should be a no brainer, American soldiers died not to protect freedom, but to maintain the communist policies for native peoples,

  3. Oliver Green

    in difference news nasa is preparing galactic ships for evacuations of earth in the vent of the future Trump nomination, tickets can be purchased with a like on facebook

  4. pop5678eye

    Yet another way we are sinking to the level of third world countries… Oh wait. Not even third world countries' leaders talk publicly about the size of their penis. My apologies!

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