Bill Clinton ‘This Week’ Interview: Hillary Clinton’s Potential Presidential Race in 2016

Bill Clinton 'This Week' Interview: Hillary Clinton's Potential Presidential Race in 2016

Bill Clinton discusses Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential run.
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25 thoughts on “Bill Clinton ‘This Week’ Interview: Hillary Clinton’s Potential Presidential Race in 2016

  1. VeXeR ShObOx

    The only reason she’s even relevant is because of Bill Clinton. I have
    nothing against having a female president, but if this woman wins, this
    country will fall, even faster than Obama. I hope I can reach out to
    Democrats, by saying “Don’t vote for her just because she’s female and just
    because she’s a democrat”. She is just as corrupt if not more than Obama
    and Bush. 

  2. Teresa Poland

    This is what the Republican party does. They want the country to fail. But
    by God save those rich people. They are going after her before she has even
    said she is going to run. She is running away with a win over all the
    Republicans and the tea party before she has even entered the race. Bill
    can still give a good talk. Very intelligent man. Hillary OHIO IS FOR

  3. Tony Capony

    NOT a good presidential candidate ! Overwhelming evidence has now been
    uncovered to prove that the statement made about the diplomats killed in
    Bengasi made by Clinton was false, and that she did indeed deny requests
    for help for them, Communications such as e-mails have been uncovered,
    viewed by members of Congress, that prove repeated requests for additional
    security were denied at the highest levels of the State Department. The
    report lays direct blame on Clinton, who personally gave approval to the
    systematic withdrawal of help from Benghazi as far back as April 2012. She
    needs to be FIRED !

  4. Bryan Hernandez

    Funny how the republicans are here bashing her. I can’t wait for her to run
    and WIN in 2016. Lol

  5. Billy Staggs

    She sure as hell would be better than what we got in there right now! But
    then again, just about anyone could do a better job than this clown we have
    in office. What a joke!

  6. shaggy5777

    Quote Hillary Clinton ” We have four dead American at this point what
    difference does it make”!

  7. The True

    The Clinton’s… crooked then, crooked now. Say NO to socialism. Bill
    started selling us out to China and Obama is finishing the job. Their
    policies are very similar and serve to crush capitalism and force socialism
    upon the American people. Ask a Chinese immigrant why they came to America
    and how they feel about socialism. The ACA causes people to become poorer
    and has already added over a million new welfare recipients to an already
    overworked system which will in turn raise taxes and harms businesses which
    in turn harms the corporate bottom line which in turn harms the employees
    by cutting hours to avoid paying for health insurance which then causes
    employees to either work multiple jobs and die younger in order to pay for
    insurance they can’t afford or further add to the welfare roster. And once
    we all are dependant upon the state for money, food, and medical treatment
    we’ll be socialist with no more chance to pursue the American dream, as we
    will all be equally poor with the elite still in their positions of power.
    We need jobs, not handouts. We need leadership, not deception. We need
    representation based on informed decisions, not forced political agenda and
    propaganda. Hillary will not make our lives better at all in any way,
    shape, or form. Find an honest freedom loving American woman who believes
    in what this nation stands for and have her run rather than have the first
    woman president be an absolute failure to the people and the constitution
    that protects them.

  8. Francis Ferris

    And we need to wake the hell up to. What is all you people saying? This
    isnt a matter of money. Yes republicans especially the Clintons have
    money, but they still need votes. Only idiots let false campaigns buy
    there votes. When it all comes down to the end, its the votes, not the
    money. Money is used to convince people to vote for one way or another.
    We need to stand up for what is right and vote for the honest person that
    isnt willing to throw away lives. Anybody involved in this Bengahzi shit
    shouldnt even be allowed to run for office alone for the President. Wtf.
    I promise this, if Clintons win, im moving to Denmark, an yeah, look at
    the uniform I am wearing. Wtf is going on. Where is our morale, are
    faith, or anything positive for this Damned country.

  9. Paulsur

    Hilary qualifications for president
    1. Got fired for unethical behavior in Watergate affair.
    2. Key unindicted conspirator in whitewater scandal
    3. Husband, a sexual predator, elected twice to presidency
    4. Won senate race in a state she did not previously live in. Where she
    had no legislative accomplishements.
    5. Was nominated SecState where she derelicted the trust to protect the
    safety of those that served her resulting in the deaths of four of her
    subordinates includng a U.S. ambassador.
    6. Author of the “Russian reset” the change in U.S. policy towards Russia
    that gave the go ahead to Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

  10. personaldove

    She is good for us.More experience and more accomplished.People know her
    more.There is no one who can pose a threat against her.
    I especially love how she does’nt take shit from Russia or China.
    All you haters can go to hell!

  11. mfhmonkey

    I keep hearing “what difference does it make”. Yep, she doesn’t care what
    Americans die, as long as she doesn’t like them.

  12. ghostrider007ist

    Enough already with the bushes and Clintons in politics , they have done
    enough damage … Hillary will not be president , letting americans die in
    Bengazi was poor leadership , imagine her at the helm , entire battalions
    are at risk …out of politics clones , go build a library , you’ve done
    enough damage …

  13. Francis Ferris

    How we supposed to trust Hillary!?! I guess we forgot about Bengahzi. If
    we the people elect her, then webare blind and stupid. Women, man, it
    dosent matter, when you hide the truth about people dying, you shouldnt
    have the chance to run for president. If you or I was involved or hid the
    truth when it came to personnel dying we would be prosecuted. So I want to
    know how this can be? I hope a Clinton reads this and understands.

  14. Teresa Poland

    Everyone has their own right to believe whatever they want. It is called
    democracy. They ones who are trying to change other people’s minds are
    called “very desperate” tea party repubs. It is evident that you are doing
    the tea party’s job and I bet they don’t even pay you for it. Talk to
    someone who will listen, because I don’t listen to racists,right winger
    non-Americans. The WH is not in your future. When you speak to me you speak
    on deaf ears. Do your work away from me.

  15. Kalkas53

    she hates video games and believes that there is a link between violence
    and gaming among other things


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