Best Lines from Trump Republican Convention Speech

Highlights from the Donald Trump Speech at the Republican National Convention.

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19 thoughts on “Best Lines from Trump Republican Convention Speech

  1. Kanel Watson

    BlackLivesMatter BlueLivesMatter AllLivesMatter. Lgbt, Republican, religious and Atheistic. We are Americans!!!!! Trump will make America safe again. Make America great again!

  2. Laurence Buttler

    That speech was completly authoritarian: "They are coming for you, and I am the only one who can stop them"

  3. Benji

    He talks of deserved respect towards the US, problem is a lot of that respect comes from a military and nuclear arms no single country can address.

    I can't say i, a British citizen respect the US government.
    And this guy Trump is the world's best chance at kick starting a new World War.

    The political structure in the UK means one man's ambition/goals can take action without a majority support of Parliament. Such as war.
    But the structure in the US makes it so one man can do those things if he chooses. This guy is radical as fuck, do you really want this guy making your laws and handling delicate international situations?
    I don't. I'm not American, but the choices the US government makes has consequences for the rest of the world to, not just your country.

    For example, i don't want the UK to be dragged/obligated/influenced into more pointless conflicts created by the US.
    Honestly Trump is probably the US's best chance for losing respect internationally, not gain it.
    I don't see Theresa May playing well with Trump, not at all.

  4. Aaron Edlund

    this is the end. this motherfucker will create the end of the world. an impulsive 4 time bankrupt piece of shit will be the end

  5. Aaron Edlund

    i hear a lot of I will and this reminds me of a dictator from 1932 and I thought this country was a we or us not an I

  6. ccooperbr11

    One of the best acceptance speeches ever. Hit all of his points and made impactful statements in regards to issues that would pull in the swing votes. People are calling him a clown, but really, would you rather have a corrupt bought off politician instead?

  7. iLikePurple

    I finally can vote and I will vote for Trump just to see what that wall will look like lol. Build the wall!! Trump 2016!! XD

  8. meself

    This guy is a cancer on humanity. If he becomes President, it would become morally imperative for all world leaders to reject the notion of America as a credible moral leader in the world. Perhaps America for the first time in her history would have to face coordinated and concerted (peaceful) hostility from other world leaders.


    he keeps saying that he will defeat isis but doesn't say how he's going to do that. and these people keep cheering lol

  10. Gus McSweeney

    China is the US's biggest creditor. They won't negotiate with a toupe wearing trust-fund belch like Trump. When elected the US will cement its reputation as a global laughing stock.

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