Barton: OCare Website Hidden Source Code Says Users “Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”

10/24/13 – More News and Video at Follow us on Twitter: Texas Rep. Joe Barton grills an ObamaCare…
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25 thoughts on “Barton: OCare Website Hidden Source Code Says Users “Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”

  1. gmwwc

    HIPAA has a lousy record for keeping information confidential.
    Everyone you might rather not have your health information can easily
    access it but you yourself or your immediate family can not.
    The insurance companies, the people in HR and ER where you work can access
    it. A doctor will send it to another doctor BUT NOT TO YOU!
    So how does this HIPAA protect anyone at all???
    Thanks to this stupid law it is impossible to get the medical records of
    your invalid parent in order to protect them from Medical Medicare Miners.
    It is impossible to even get your own records without paying a doctor to
    fetch them for you.

  2. Muslim Liar

    They should have brought out that LYING Socialist Bitch Pelosi, the Bimbo
    that said….”Don’t read it, just pass it, then we can find out all the
    LIES that are in it”…..LOL!!!!!

  3. JetRanger0007

    Criminal and Corrupt is what it is, lying no good Bastards and Spin Doctors
    is what we’ve had in Washington for the last 30 years and it Continues with
    the current administration and their fuckin Minions !!

  4. Andrew Bowlby

    +Adam Outler

    Hey, I’ve gathered from your online presence that you are involved in some
    string of healthcare. I thought that if you hadn’t seen this, you might
    find it interesting, at least.


  5. Andre Jitta

    This is no longer a incompetence issue! This is a taking all your rights
    away issue and we MUST scrap obamacare and kick this admin out of office!!
    This is very dangerous to us the American people!

  6. Bezz80

    NSA spying, Patriot Act and the NDAA made sure you had no privacy, long
    before there was an AHA (written by republican lobbyists for “for profit”
    healthcare companies) and Barton and all the pigs in Washington are all on
    board with that, but nice show to stir up the retard right…fucking losers
    are the reason this shit get passed and we all lose. Peace

  7. Billy Ray Whitfield

    Obama and his entire Legion of Demon Administration should be taken out and
    Executed! If they follow the illegal Homosexual Muslim Kenyan, then they
    are as guilty as Obama himself! Death to all Tyrants!

  8. semir kasumovic

    another note, at 4:18 he asks her “do you think that should be in there?”,
    and she replies with some bullshit drone answer! c’mon you can’t expect
    politicians to think, because if she had a brain she would know that it’s

  9. cvcoco

    What a piece of SHIT. She knows and intended to hide it from people. Does
    an illegal contract have to be followed by anyone?

  10. WSOX Man

    You have to hand it to the Democrats. They sure stick together. …….
    like crap on your shoe. It’s like none of them can think for themselves. A
    Republican can come up with an idea to create 3 million jobs, and Dems
    would question why their voters would have to earn a living and pay income
    taxes. Some OLD Time Republicans have the very same “March to the beat” of
    ideas that got this country in the shit hole its in. Ya you McCain,,

  11. A.M. Fortas

    That woman is a half-wit. And she is presumably a ‘wheel’ in the contractor
    company ? A big enough wheel to be put before the Committee. ObamaCare –
    Built by Liars at the behest of a Liar.

  12. Todd Lyon

    Is the site even FISMA compliant? I’m tempted to take a crack at it, lol
    of course its funny, the reason I probably can’t hack it is most likely
    more to do with the fact that i’ll never be able to reach the server/site
    due to load issues than because its actually secure. Can’t attempt cross
    scripting or db injections if i cant even get the url to load.

  13. ron vaughan

    This is absolutely one sided and it will not change as long as this lying
    administration is in control – why can’t this lady answer this question in
    a (yes) or (no) answer , why can she not do that – It is because they are
    scrape goats and are doing what they are told to do and nothing else
    what-so-ever , 3 to 400 million dollars is what We the People have spent on
    this fiasco so far and it has not even begone to work , so we are going to
    spend another 300 to 400 million more dollars on this obamacare web-site
    and still have nothing but the pockets of this administration filled but
    once again – and – again , We the People are being racked across the coals
    and every once in a while they will stop dragging and let the burn smell
    stagger in the air before they start moving again , This is and never will
    there be another administration as bad as this administration as long as
    there is an America !! , Not because we could not withstand another one
    (administration) like this one , But that there will never be anyone in Our
    House that is this stupidly-smart and be able to pull shit like this off ,
    This group of people that has this Whitehouse in their hands , has been
    planning this for sometime now and it is going off to a tee , it is and has
    been working the way they had it printed UP – But to have this fella in
    office at this time is the smartest move so far – for they know that when
    we do find the problem , It will lead right back to the obummers and in
    reality , they were just the monkey’s in the cage – You know the way that
    moochelle said that it was like being in a penitentiary with all of the
    bars , so don’t through that racist bull shit at Me , They are where they
    want to be and it will turn on them the way they thought it could never be
    !!! , live it love it loose it !! including the love of living – 

  14. Michael Chernik

    Plausible deniability==this woman is not the best–but isn’t lying for
    CMS–now CMS must be the contractor who won the bid for Obamacare web
    site–not HIPAA compliant. Published on Oct 24, 2013 (

    10/24/13 – More News and Video at
    Follow us on Twitter:

    Texas Rep. Joe Barton grills an ObamaCare Contractor during a House Hearing
    on why hidden source code on the ObamaCare Website says “Users have no
    reasonable expectation of privacy” on information they enter.

  15. Scott Dudley

    Mr Barton here is clearly pretending to understand technology. If the
    applicant DOES NOT SEE IT then they’re not agreeing to it as a policy.


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