Arnold Schwarzenegger On Donald Trump, The Republican Party And 2016 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Meet the Press to discuss what it’s like running for office as an outsider candidate.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger On Donald Trump, The Republican Party And 2016 | Meet The Press | NBC News
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20 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger On Donald Trump, The Republican Party And 2016 | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Vincent Kline

    Arnie clean up the mess that you have made of your family… especially apologize to your kids.

  2. Doris Felsch


  3. hulk sterr

    he is not the same guy. no longer will I watch his old or new movies. he is bought and paid for, another corrupt lier.

  4. Sean Kiarie

    all this reporters should be ashamed of themselves regardless of how much they've been paid. your all killers literally your all MURDERERS.

  5. Baron Trenk

    Who killed Assange?
    Michael Moore's tweet on Wikileaks telling everyone Assange is OK, is actually from June 9th and its been put out on Wikileaks on 24th Oct (4.29 AM???!)
    (and yet Moore has made no mention about this?!?) shows they are all in cahoots. Look at Moore's politics and then look at Soros. Moore is the propaganda arm for George Soros.
    If Wiki was posting out-of-date stuff that I had released way back, saying he was OK, I would certainly ask WIKI what was going on. Especially if I cared so much about the safety of Assange? Now back to the show

  6. Infinite Octopus

    wait… i was watching dark souls 3 videos. i need to take arnold's advice and stay focused!

  7. Greg Taylor

    The govenator married to a kennedy…shriver! Caught diddling an ugly latin maid.but hes a republican,no different than a democrat pos politician

  8. Mountain Man3

    so the move stars are so smart they tell you how to vote. they are just entertainers people, their job is to entertain us not tell us how to be or what to think. Europe is in peril and that mess is coming for America !!!!!!!!!!!!!   that is why trump is king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               just to start..

  9. Guido Verona

    Get to da choppa Arnold, be a man and answer the questions directly…you know like the roles you play in da moovies.

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