ALEX JONES – Obamacare will TAKE OVER the lives of AMERICANS

ALEX JONES - Obamacare will TAKE OVER the lives of AMERICANS

Ezra Klein of The Washington Post declared Obamacare a disaster on MSNBC. Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs even said the Obamacare launch was …
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25 thoughts on “ALEX JONES – Obamacare will TAKE OVER the lives of AMERICANS

  1. joe stone

    Hahaha obamacare will be the undoing of the liberals. Now they’re scared
    cause they know in Nov 2014 they’re gonna pay for this scam on the American

  2. Kevin Sullivan

    I love it when liberal dirtbags get mad on youtube, their insults are the
    kind you would hear on the kindergarten playground.

  3. Greg False Flag

    Fire people in Charge? You mean like all the people who were in charge
    during 9-11 when none were fired and most were promoted?

  4. blinddog58

    Yes the liberals are against Obamacare but don’t get too excited. What they
    really want is single payer. In other words, they believe Obamacare doesn’t
    go far enough.

  5. A.M. Fortas

    The Australian ‘Democrats’ – the Labor Party – had a fabulous circular
    firing squad over the l;ast few years. Two Prime Ministers had a shoot out,
    one – a chap – firing from the floor after being shot down and hitting the
    other – a female – in the guts. Of course he was a misogynist. That’s what
    she – Gillard – screamed as she nose-dived. He of course still claims that
    he’s ‘de Greadest’. The public fell about laughing. Take the Tip, America.

  6. jefe Anson

    Obama care is to actually create a massive tax on the people, the fact is ”
    it eliminates all free or charitable health care”! This is written from the
    off shore banksters who own the insurance companies. It’s already cost me
    my lively hood,as a part time employee, “because that’s all the work i
    could find”, they cut me to 18 hours a week, my employers the hired other
    people to fill in the gap’s, so I’m sure the democrats will take credit for
    creating those part time Jobs which they just took.

  7. NewWorldAhead

    Fox is a propaganda machine that never tells the truth… EVER! Lastly, you
    teabaggers are playing with fire… if Obamacare fails, then we’ll get
    single payer (Medicare for all) which most liberals wanted in the first
    place… so keep sabotaging Obamacare… because we will never go back to
    the broken system we had before… then next logical step is single payer
    which has proven to work.

  8. NewWorldAhead

    Yup. It’s better than 1% of the country having all the wealth and rest
    struggling just to make it. Doesn’t work. Things will change. Did you ever
    hear of the French Revolution?

  9. Gary Love

    Got any 7s? What? You keep telling me to GoFish, but I’m carrying the whole
    deck in my hands? What are you holding? Oh, some more It’s Bush’s Fault

  10. Gary Love

    NewWorld thinks he can do just that: create a new world where everything is
    the same and shared among all peoples. Kumbaya!

  11. Gary Love

    So under O’Crap care I’m going to being paying for mammograms, maternity
    care, prenatal, etc ,etc. I’m a guy, and I’m single. SCREW. THAT. Oh, I
    never knew women had prostrates! Holy crap, I think I just grew a uterus.

  12. Michael Henriques

    Yeah, you want to know who a good amount of those people are? People who
    LOST their insurance because it does not meet muster with the ACA. They
    were NOT grandfathered in. They were lied to and now its coming out the
    Obama knew it was a lie when he said “You like your insurance? You keep
    your insurance. Your insurance will grandfathed in”


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