Alan Keyes on the Second Amendment and gun rights

SIGN THE PLEDGE FOR AMERICA’S REVIVAL!! In these excerpts, Alan Keyes discussed the Second Amendment and the right for citizens to bear arms in a C-SPAN debate with Barack Obama on October 21, 2004, and he also discussed this issue on his January 28, 2002, “Alan Keyes Is Making Sense” show on MSNBC.
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25 thoughts on “Alan Keyes on the Second Amendment and gun rights

  1. josephseven

    Because black conservatives are falsely called uncle toms. Black conservatives believe in personal responsibility. Frauds like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the true uncle toms, there always demanding something or putting the blame on white people. Black conservatives never get that much media presence. Look how the media took down Herman Cain during the presidential campaign. Search youtube for “shelby steele” he is a black conservative that really knows race relations.

  2. coswyn

    Are you saying Keyes’ past claim of Obama’s birth certificate being fabricated makes you believe Keyes is ready to call him the anti-Christ? For what specific reasons do you believe the black community rejects Keyes? Define “good President”.

  3. DawnOfTheDead991

    We can go on and on but the proof is in the pudding, He never won and will never win any elections and the mainstream GOP wants nothing to do with him, He not only jumped the shark 12 years ago, the shark ate him too

  4. DawnOfTheDead991

    The way the crank was ranting & shaking like a lunatic when he was frothing about Obama being a usurper (what am archaic inaccurate term) pegged him as nutcase,.I don’t give a fuck about any theocon & his religious bs period. so there goes his main leg for me. I;m no expert on the black community except THEY roundly reject Keyes, Palin could get more black votes than he. Anyone who imagines he would get elected then make a good president is insane or retarded.

  5. coswyn

    What specifically did he say that causes you to think he would declare Obama the anti-Christ? Which of his religious claims are nonsense? How is he a psycho and an “Uncle Tom”? What are the politics of the black community from your perspective?

  6. DawnOfTheDead991

    Because he rants and raves a bunch of nonsense in front of birthers and teabaggers about how Obama is Communist usurper abomination. He was ready to accuse Obama of being the anti-christ next. He uses his bogus religious nonsense as basis for his politics. he is a crank & a psycho. The black community despises Keyes because he is a psycho & Uncle Tom. I guess the black community doesn’t share your politics, so maybe you should go educate them

  7. coswyn

    How is Keyes not intelligent or reasonable? And you didn’t answer the second question, you merely responded to it. I encourage you to give an “intelligent and reasonable” answer.

  8. coswyn

    Keyes is a Christian candidate but America is not a Christian nation – the polls show that to be true. For that reason, short of a revival I doubt Keyes would get much more support in 2016 than in any of his former attempts.

  9. panjok2

    I think a lot of them have become aware of this! The rest of them like to keep the old worn out mentality that someone is still doing them wrong! And who better to represent them than either of those two morons? Keyes2016

  10. debrajeangonzalez

    Murderers use, knives, rope, pipes, claw hammers, nylons, panties, poisons, pills, vases, statues, boards, belts, plastic bags, pillows to suffocate, cars to run over, drowning by water, that is just to name a few methods of death used by psychopaths. Why don’t we just ban it all, Okay? People kill, not “Things”. Wake up all of you. It’s not the weapons, it’s the crazies of the world who do the killing. Stop trying to play big brother and take away our rights.

  11. UN2US

    Because most of “them” are not intelligent enough to discern a person who is brilliant or logical. When someone doesn’t possesses certain attributes, it would be quite difficult to discern those attributes which “they” do not possess themselves..

  12. quietstorm403

    for more truth , watch vids with tea party patriots


  13. quietstorm403

    proud tea party conservative here, and i strongly believe 911 was  an inside Job . Watch this amazing 8 part documentary here , 1st part is


  14. NinjaRider777R

    Check the total population number for the USA, now include another 10 million to account for the illegal aliens.
    Now check the FBI’s Firearm Homicide numbers for the last 7 years. In 2011 it’s less than 8500.
    Now figure in that 90% of those are criminals killing other criminals and the number isn’t really that big at all.
    The American Media just LOVES to lie it’s ass off to the general public with their fearmongering hoping that they’ll never research the true numbers.

  15. DawnOfTheDead991

    You are totally unreasonable person, yet I support even your right to say stuff, short of death threats & libel. So extend the same courtesy to Piers & others. Considering how many guns are out there and how many people die each year from gunshots, doesn’t seem like the gun control people take too much if at all.

  16. NinjaRider777R

    Ahhhh, the words of “reasoning and compromise”, they always come out of the mouths of the anti-gunners when they want gun owners to give something up, but compromise means that BOTH parties need to give something up….
    The anti-gunners NEVER give up anything, they only keep taking until there’s nothing left.

  17. NinjaRider777R

    He IS paranoid and he IS a moron, he’s a fearmonger of epic proportions.
    He’d rather have the entire world disarmed under the false belief that it would make him safer, when the sharp truth of the subject is that disarming people only makes crime EASIER for the criminals.

  18. DawnOfTheDead991

    Not defending Sharpton, cause I don’t like him either, but calling him a paranoid moron is ironic on your part

  19. DawnOfTheDead991

    The question of Pier’s character is irrelevant. And your idea of getting Piers beat up really betrays something evil & degenerate about you. You can tell a lot about Keyes, or any public figure, by the kind of stupid, brutish people he attracts. It is pointless to reason with you.

  20. NinjaRider777R

    Piers Morgan is an arrogant ass and he’s overstayed his welcome.
    He badgers people when he knows he’s not going to get the answer he wants from them. He’ll ask them a question, then deliberately interrupts them within 5 words and won’t let them speak the truth.
    Jeremy Clarkson knocked Morgan flat on his ass for printing lies about him in the British press, maybe instead of deporting Morgan we should just fly Clarkson here and have him beat down Morgan every time he’s an ass to someone.

  21. NinjaRider777R

    Sharpton is a paranoid moron who openly admits he fears everybody walking around with a 100% LEGAL and permitted gun on them.
    He fears people who have had full FBI background checks, he’s a spineless pussy, just like Jackson

  22. DawnOfTheDead991

    That is a hilariously stupid & irrelevant line “Jackson and Sharpton would ban breathing if they could get away with it” Like most jerks who ride motorcycles, you ain’t too bright.

  23. DawnOfTheDead991

    I don’t understand what you point is? I think Keyes is a religious nutcase & all around crackpot, same is you. Funny, but it’s the right wing assholes who are passing around a petition to deport Piers Morgan because they don’t like what he said about the 2nd Amendment. So spare me you ignorance & hypocrisy


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