After Meeting With Trump, More Republicans Drop Support For Their Own Healthcare Bill

Donald Trump met with House Republicans earlier this week to pressure them into supporting the GOP’s American Healthcare Act, but he didn’t get the results that he wanted.  After the meeting, no fewer than 10 House Republicans dropped their support for the bill, showing that Trump isn’t as powerful or influential as he’d like to be. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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19 thoughts on “After Meeting With Trump, More Republicans Drop Support For Their Own Healthcare Bill

  1. Nancy Khouzam

    More trump failures. Mexico not paying for any wall. Pissing off allies Too many links to Putin Blah blah. Such a loser is pres pee pee.

  2. Nancy Khouzam

    The great negotiator trump is a big failure. No health care. Bill no travel bans. And his. Horrible budget is next to. Go down in flames. Failure. Big ly. Big ly.

  3. Michael Moore

    This video, ironically, was led in by a Republican Healthcare Video promotion. You might say Money Talks.

  4. Daryl Leckt

    never underestimate the conservatives ability to degrade America.
    Reagan got rid of consumer driven, supply and demand capitalism.
    Reagan ushered in Hoover's Supply Side Economics.
    Today America is $20 trillion USDs in debt.

  5. Y Sekander

    Trump is the best negotiator ever. He is so great he can't even sell a plan to his own party.

  6. WWZenaDo

    Republican Insurance Plan – aka RIP.   [With grateful thanks to the first person who came up with that.]

  7. Carrie Williams

    Paul Ryan is a jack ass. Think about it. If the poor, week by week and so called middle class middle class did not pay their taxes, where would this country be? Now you want to take away their healthcare! I bet his family is not worried.

  8. Mr. Hobodoc

    That might be because he is such a charming piece of shit, the asshole deserves to never get anything to pass!

  9. poindexterwitkowsky

    ~*@~*@~*@~*ATTENTION~TRUMP~RAT~STAFFERS:——->>>>  The writing is on the wall…—->>>>>A TSUNAMI of CRAP is about to SLAM in your faces…—->>>>>Are you prepared to go DOWN with the CLOWN?…—–>>>>SAVE YOUR SOULS…….—–>>>>BAIL OUT…..——>>>>START SINGING or CHECK OUT!~~*@~**@~*@~*@~

  10. S C G

    What a colossal fiasco.  They have the presidency, the house, and the senate…and they still can't get their acts together.  Typical GOP buffoonish incompetency.

  11. mary emma

    If they hurry they can put this bill into law before the hammer falls on all things republican.

  12. Hogman Go

    The latest 538 poll shows only 17% of Americans support TRUMPCARE!! They realize TRUMPCARE is a clusterfuck.

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