Affordable Health Care Act Explained — Obamacare Facts – TurboTax Tax Tip Video Get the facts on the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and how health care reform will impact your t…

IN THIS INTERVIEW: *Obamacare Is a “Cash Grab” Fraud (00:27) *Global Warming Threats Our LIBERTY, Not Our Planet! (11:00) *IRS, Benghazi, NSA Scandals – Obam…
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50 thoughts on “Affordable Health Care Act Explained — Obamacare Facts – TurboTax Tax Tip Video

  1. RETiredGM

    You have two choices. Pay more, which you already do by subsidizing people
    that don’t/can’t pay when they go to the ER. Since the insurance companies
    are in bed with the hospitals, the costs of someone not paying at the ER is
    passed onto those that do pay. Not to mention the fact that going to the ER
    for something that is completely preventable, like a tooth ache, which cost
    all of us exponentially more. Or you can pay less, over a period of time,
    by enrolling in the ACA. The more people buy into it, especially young
    healthy people, the lower everyone’s medical costs/insurance will be over
    time. Make sense? No. Well the reason that car insurance is so high is
    because too many people drive and get into accidents without insurance.
    Those that do have insurance have to pay extra to cover those that don’t.
    It’s the same deal with healthcare and insurance. Those that don’t have it
    screw over those that do. The insurance companies aren’t in business to
    help you. They’re in business to make money. They’ve figured out long ago
    how to profit off of the ignorant and lazy.

    Those that really don’t want people to enroll are the insurance companies,
    now required to provide a quality service, instead of selling inexpensive
    but otherwise junk coverage. The insurance companies were/are relying on
    ignorant people to enjoy paying cheap insurance fees while not actually
    providing descent medical coverage when the person in need actually needs
    it. Those that liked paying low rates for (junk) insurance were paying for
    an illusion.

    The sad reality is, those that sign up for the ACA often pay even less than
    the junk insurance they thought they like before. With the ACA, they
    actually get quality coverage because the insurance companies are required
    by law to actually provide a service that isn’t just window dressing.

    With all of the preventative care and pre screening that millions more
    people will now get, the productivity of the individual will increase the
    productivity of the nation. Less sick time means a happier employee. A
    happier employee means increased productivity. Increased productivity means
    increased profits for the employer. Increased profits for the employer
    means an increased GDP for the nation. An increased GDP means a wealthier
    and more secure nation. A wealthier and more secure nation is a matter of
    national security.

  2. Karthic D

    Why is #obamacare so complicated. In uk , we pay a small tax and everyone
    get free healthcare and emergency treatment. 

  3. Daniel Hilligoss

    Unfortunately it isn’t the same as other countries. Ours is set up in the
    interest of greed developed by a man who is not for America and is doing
    everything in his power to bring America to it’s knees so that we are all
    under subjection to the federal government and we won’t have any control of
    what they do or say. This is all leading up to becoming a one world nation
    and us losing our constitutional rights.

  4. Abby Conchobhar

    You are such a child. Did you know that drug companies charge US more
    because Socialist countries put a cap on how much they can charge? We’re
    floating the bill of EVERYONE. THAT is part of the reason OUR healthcare
    costs are so high. Those countries you named? Yeah, the rich come here for
    GOOD healthcare. So who’s left to fund this crap? NOBODY. Now we’re all
    equally worthless.

  5. TheWitchOvAgnesi

    Great propaganda video by an Obama shill. Did I mention the woman who
    produced this content is African American (aka BLACK)? That
    disclaimer/disclosure should appear on all things governmental today.

  6. TheWitchOvAgnesi

    LOL, wrong wrong wrong!!! Healthcare is through the roof due to the
    insurance companies themselves amounting to 9/10 of the expense of
    operating a practice/healthcare facility. Why? Frivolous lawsuits – like
    the ones a former presidential candidate – a democrat – used to champion
    (any guesses who? I bet you’ve already forgotten, haven’t you). Obama and
    the democrats, all of whom are in Big Insurance’s back pocket, just sold us
    up the river to every single insurance company in this country.

  7. mrsjmehta

    so, you are worried about our country going bankrupt, but you are not
    worried about others paying for your cost of care if you get sick or have
    to go to the hospital for any reason? How on earth does this make any
    sense? The extreme high costs of health care is because of so many people
    do not have health care and then expect the government or someone else to
    pay for it (because someone has to pay for it). You may no sense at all.

  8. Vapers Win

    Oh I “May” all the sense in the world. Not everyone lives in a hospital.
    Over the last five years I have gone to a community clinic twice & it cost
    me $20 total. The first time was just a wellness check. Second time a
    pinched nerve. The practitioner could not figure out why my chest hurt so
    he said I was under stress & should take a suicide pill. That’s all they do
    is pill up & guess. So two days later when my back went out I started Yoga
    & problem solved! Now im on the hook for 10 grand a year

  9. codylramey

    The reason for the fine is to encourage ppl to but health insurance. The
    reason for that is bc the bill wont work unless a large percentage of the
    country has health insurance.

  10. Vapers Win

    Since I live in part of the country that has very low pay, I bet I will be
    helped with the tax, but I don’t want help. I don’t want insurance. But
    think about this for a second. How many on welfare, or making low wages
    like me? We get tax payer breaks, cause we have to. This will bankrupt our
    country!!! Such BS. And stop calling it “Affordable Healthcare” Its
    anything but affordable. Cost more, and deductibles go up, EVERYONE has to
    have it. How is that Affordable??? Nuts.

  11. Vapers Win

    Yep, I know a lady behind on child support for thousands. I got behind once
    by two months and was caught up by the time I went to court. They charged
    me $200 for court cost anyways. Crooks. The IRS can take anything of value.
    Home, cars etc. They are paid by the federal reserve. So they are not even
    ran by Americans. Its a total screw job.

  12. Vapers Win

    It is the law that you have to have it right? If you don’t the tax man
    steals your money. What are we missing?

  13. Captain Obvious

    Go back to your government welfare check. The rest of us hard working
    Americans are against this (and this was even confirmed by CNN polls…and
    CNN is the most liberal news media in the country). So damn right I’ll
    complain. Under Bush, the Welfare usage was at 4 million. Under Obama, it
    is nearly at 60 million!!!

  14. Kirsten Kellogg

    depends on if you’re living on the land or on the water … educate
    yourself … if you’ve consented to be governed in the democracy, well,
    that’s your choice! People don’t want to do their homework and then they

  15. Ashley Butler

    I can help you with your health insurance before you have to worry about
    paying more on your taxes. You can even get financial assistance with your
    premium. I can help you figure out if you qualify.

  16. Helen Tatsios

    all our forefathers had was a tax on tea and they went nuts, so what can we
    say about all the crap that is pushed on us?

  17. curtis jones

    i think that this healthcare thing can work -look at all the people that
    get medicad and that works fine-everything is paid for-the government
    should de-privitize the federal reserve and print it’s own money and help
    fund obamacare-we keep borrowing from this private bankers and making them
    rich while the american people suffer

  18. Ellenn Oits

    Just a head up, the reason they add all of the side effect warnings is
    because it has the opposite effect than you would think. Studies show that
    the more side effects listed for a medicine, the more likely people are to
    take it and think that it is safe. Yes its paradoxical but that is why the
    zombie infestation is already here.

  19. Ellenn Oits

    this dude is some serious false info. Elijah interview Kristen Megan, or at
    least look her up, as well as “what in the world are they spraying” Keep
    searching, to have such an open mind at such a young age, maybe you will be
    the one to lead the change.

  20. Ellenn Oits

    The sun is pumping out massive amounts of heat and rays right now. They can
    block the sun, chemtrails are real. There is a reason that its cloudy on
    average 22 days a month now. They are blocking out the sun because it is
    becoming more intense. There were a few days this summer where it was
    stinging my shoulders. I know what im talking about because I worked in the
    garden all summer for hours at a time and felt nothing. Then for a few days
    in august, 5 min of sun hurt. Look to the sky!!!

  21. sallyho3000

    *sighs* I’ll admit that it has been frustrating watching everyone’s brains
    melting all around me. Basic hydrology refutes the global warming model
    sufficiently to need no further evidence to scrap the whole hypothesis…

  22. sallyho3000

    If we are 17 years into a cooling trend, at what point do we determine that
    we have entered an ice age? The last three years in my region have prompted
    major changes in agricultural/horticultural practices to account for not
    only the cooler, shorter season, but also unpredictable weather patterns
    that have historically been VERY reliable…

  23. sallyho3000

    Uh… CO2 has no effect on global warming, except to have a net cooling
    effect. Plus, there are numerous “carbon sinks” and as has happened in past
    periods of high CO2, they are expanding rapidly (arctic ice, peat bogs,

  24. sallyho3000

    Well, they DID get like 5 dudes to get up and say “We all agree,” at just
    the right emotive climax at the UN… Gotta get the plebes into the
    supa-cities so we can quit crapping up all THEIR prime real estate…

  25. sallyho3000

    BAM! How many standard deductions does it take to get a net tax bill of
    zero, plus never pay during the year.? That’s what I want to know; how to
    flog them with their own law, AND have THEM do ALL the paperwork!


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