5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide

To hear President Barack Obama tell it, the impending billion in spending cuts to the federal budget known as the sequester are the worst disaster since …
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23 thoughts on “5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide

  1. Daniel Clements

    NOBAMA2016? the only way to get him out of office is to vote him in twice, amirite? hahaha… Nobama? Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah, from the party who lost by 5 million votes, and disolved into chaos moments after. Everything the republican party holds dear is going to be abandoned, as no one is going to vote for it in 2016. That’s why we are called progressives, and you are called old white people.

  2. jonesy39

    You call a 40% paycut a “Tiny” cut???? I don’t think so….I’m losing 40% of my pay, and that is NOT a tiny cut….jerk.

  3. William willie

    If you lost your job.. CALL OBAMA, need money CALL OBAMA, need medi-care call OBAMA, NEED FOOD STAMPS.. CALL OBAMA, need a phone.. CALL OBAMA. Need to raise TAXES CALL OBAMA. Need a President who has no fucking ideal what to do ..CALL OBAMA.

  4. marlinababe

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  5. FireForEffects

    “The housing crisis begins with bush junior..” Amazing your recollection even goes back 6 years. How exactly did Bush get 80 mill people to buy homes they couldn’t afford? Clearly Bush must have built a time machine and brainwashed Clinton to create the National Homeownership Strategy, then somehow mind fucked Barney Frank and every liberal in the CBC to fight regulations on video against Fanny and Freddie. I’m sure Bush is somehow responsible for Barney Frank fucking a Fanny exec as well.

  6. Larry King

    GREAT ANALYSIS! Now, let’s look at the real facts! The main reason(s) these companies have to out source at all are: UNIONS, TAXES, REGULATIONS, POLITICAL CORRUPTION AND ABOVE ALL, ENTITLEMENTS! Undereducated, lazy workers, protected by corrupt unions, always looking to screw their employers are the real reasons for outsourcing! REMEMBER, you reap what you sow!!!

  7. sizzled28

    Priceless! I vote for you! Ya know…If the common (man/woman), can figure this stuff out, they should be able to atop us, leaps and bounds!

  8. FinickyGreek

    There is a simple solution to solve this problem of companies moving overseas to maximise profits by using cheap 3rd world labor. You simply hit them with high import tariffs which make it unprofitable to manufacture goods overseas. Unfortunately, our politicians will never do this because they are bought and paid for by greedy corporate lobbyists in DC.

  9. sizzled28

    Thank you for the info. I hadn’t heard this until now. I guess I did fall asleep! LOL! Thanx!
    Just my opinion, but I think the birth of this monster, started when laws were changed that made it very appealing to go to another country, to be able to give us really CHEAP products, such as; (Made in China). The lower prices were great, up until we realized that without our jobs, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is. Instead of YO money, It is NO money!

  10. MrFangole

    Mother fucvker I said facts !!! Do you understand the comment.  You lefties really have a problem in answering the question when it comes to facts. Again the only response you know is diatribe!!

  11. Scott Humphreys

    Speaking of divide and conquer: you are falling into their trap. Democrats and Republicans are both completely without virtue and utterly corrupt. Obama is no better or worse than Bush. They present us with 2 choices that are both essentially the same, and we fight over which one we want. The only way this stops is if we reject them both.

  12. Scott Humphreys

    You’re arguing over which particular corrupt policy caused the recession? Who cares, the whole system is rotten to the core. Anybody can openly buy our politicians. Until that problem is solved nothing is getting fixed.

  13. Scott Humphreys

    All good points.  We’re spending trillions of dollars to have an overseas empire. This will undoubtedly continue until the government collapses. Just like with Rome/Russia/ almost every empire in history. The ‘problem’ is the same as the fiscal cliff. They want to continue to print money to fund our empire, but current rules will not allow it. So they are stirring up fear to make it easier to change the rules and print more money to fund an immoral, unwise and costly empire.

  14. mastertheillusion

    The housing crisis begins with bush junior at the turn of the millenium. Read and keep reading varied sources and judge for yourself instead of running to your quick-fix mainstream fucktarded answers and try thinking for yourself for a change. Takes mental courage most conformist fucktards simply lack. TRY reading a thread before leaping on something genius.

  15. SouthwesternEagle

    I have a better idea. Return America to Britain. We have no business being our own nation as we fuck up even the simplest of tasks. Somebody please just take us already. We have been a miserable nation since 2001.

  16. MrFangole

    You mean in a clear and factual manner. He spoke the truth, he expressed his view points without offending a sacrificial lefty.. So can you bring facts to the argument to refute his statements ?? Or is diatribe your only means of communications?


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